Al Golden Rewarded by the Temple Owls with a Contract Extension

Mike Gibson@paprepsCorrespondent IMay 6, 2010

I like the way Temple athletic director Bill Bradshaw works; quietly and behind the scenes.

I ran into Bill at the signing day function and mentioned something about head coach Al Golden's contract and Bill said, "Al Golden can have a contract extension any time he wants."

Bradshaw didn't elaborate, and he didn't need to for a Joe Schmoe like me.

I didn't take it as a good sign at the time because I interpreted it as a "contract extension" of the current contract with the same financial terms in place.  Evidently, though, from what I hear, his recently signed extension features a significant increase in Golden's salary with a commensurate increase in staff compensation. The figures $1.2 million with a $2 million buyout have been floated around.

I got those from reliable sources, guys who have told me things that have happened the day before they became public elsewhere, so I don't doubt them.  Someone tweeted me this morning that Golden is now making money similar to head coaches in BCS conferences, a more-than-double salary increase.

I like that, but what I like more is that there are hightened protections in place for my beloved Temple University.

I hope Al stays at Temple for a Joe Paterno-like run, but I live in a real world.  Other schools have come after him hard the past two seasons and, someday, someone is going to get him for the right price.

Once that happens, though, I want Temple protected and this deal does that.  The school that hires Golden away from Temple will have to pay the school the kind of money West Virginia got when Rich Rodriguez left for Michigan.  That's the best part of the deal and assures that Temple will have the financial wherewithal to hire a big-name coach should Golden leave.

Let's hope Golden settles in and develops the kind of love for the school that Wayne Hardin, John Chaney and Harry Litwack had.  This school has a special mission and only very special people understand that.

For the historic-like turnaround Golden has already achieved, he deserves to be compensated handsomely.  I hope he attacks the enormous task ahead to move the program forward with the same verve he has in working his magic so far.

Today was a great day for both Al Golden and Temple football, but there are greater days ahead.

It should be fun finding out what rewards those days bring to the Owls and their fans.