Barça Haters Get “Much Needed” Ammunition from Semi-Final Loss to Inter

Khalid KhanCorrespondent IMay 6, 2010

BARCELONA, SPAIN - APRIL 28:  Wesley Sneijder (R) of Inter Milan fights for the ball with Sergio Busquets of FC Barcelona during the  UEFA Champions League semi final second leg match between Barcelona and Inter Milan at the Camp Nou stadium on April 28, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
Jasper Juinen/Getty Images

Last year’s colossal domestic and continental success brought much acclaim to, but also unwanted envy toward FC Barcelona.

Success, dominance and becoming a “team to beat” brings and breeds jealousy, rivalry, and in extreme cases, hatred.

Many people fell in love with Barça’s beautiful, artistic style of soccer, felt proud of its achievements and humanitarianism, while haters desperately wanted to find something, anything, remotely resembling a smoking gun, or a chink in the armor, to say that club is not as great and/or morally upright as it claims to be.

That it is in sporting terms; overrated, over-hyped and that it does not have or deserve a (rightful) place at the pinnacle of European soccer.

They got what they were looking for on that fateful April 28 evening at Nou Camp in the second leg of this season’s UEFA Champions League semi-final which culminated in much acrimony that could have been so easily avoided, but instead sadly became a blot on the club’s image.

Events and persons (on both sides) influenced and contributed to the atmosphere of the match before it even began. After the match ended, Catalunya’s culés were crying at Nou Camp, and at the same time haters were taking pleasure in Barça’s Champions League exit.

Some had been complaining, especially, since last year that Barça fans think low of other clubs, their identities, soccer philosophies, and fans, have smug, arrogant, self-satisfied attitude and delusions of occupying high moral ground in a sport awash with materialism, racism,  and violence.

In a way this defeat goes to show that Barça's team was/is made up of humans, prone to mistakes, errors in judgment, and was not as invincible as it seemed. It will also infuse some humility in the mindsets of culés to show respect where it is due and/or earned.

The best Barça can do is to learn from its mistakes, bring humility back to its historically humble image, and culés from their behavior. This one blemish is big but just not big enough to cloud club’s image and rich history.