The Commentator Problem in Pro Wrestling Today

Iqbal SirajContributor IIMay 6, 2010

Now, I know the "wrestlers" in the ring and the storylines in wrestling are what makes the shows. But when you got lacklustre commentators (I'm British, so I therefore refer to them as commentators rather than announcers) then it makes the product seem rubbish to watch.

They are there to narrate what is happening, yet they go on and on about other things rather than calling the match. This article was inspired by the fact that the best commentator in history, Jim Ross, has left announcing duties.

Let's start off with the biggest suspect and douchebag, Michael Cole.

Now, I don't know what it is, but I actually liked him when he was on SmackDown back in the days, he knew what to talk about, but once he come to RAW, people want to tear their ears out!

He comes up with the same lines every day. "You are watching the longest reigning episodic television show in history, THIS is Monday Night RAW!!!"

Then you've got his other lines such as "hooks the leg, and kicks out at two," and then whenever a wrestler does a submission move, "and what a hold."

Everything has to be "vintage" this and "vintage" that, then laughs his ass off on anything Hornswoggle does, and disses the best wrestler in the world, Bryan Danielson (I refuse to call him the WWE name).

Now, I can find millions of reasons why I'd rather have Mike Adamle call the matches than him, and give you the best guy for the business (other than JR) for the job.

The second commentator, Todd Grisham, who botched the return of Christian with "It's Christian (sigh)," knows his wrestling moves and holds, but is still not good at announcing, and shows no emotion and dedication to what he does.

He has to become the backstage-stalker-type, Josh Matthews-type interviewer, and you can clearly see he is only there to get paid, and he'd rather do his MLS duties if he was paid much better there. 

Now to replace one of them, preferably Michael Cole, I would put Joey Styles. He was one of the best commentators back then, he handled, I believe, 12 pay-per-views on his own back in ECW, and he done on of the best shoots in wrestling when he exposed the business as a fake when he done it live on RAW before he "quit."

I'd love to see him back, and to reward him with a role on the flagship program, he deserves it, considering Vince got rid of the best commentator in the business due to "a new direction they are taking."

Now we get to our final commentator, Mike Tenay. He has the same amount of knowledge of wrestling as good ol' JR does, and he clearly is good but gets annoying after you heard his talking after 10 minutes, even though he is the best on-air commentator today (considering you are comparing him with Cole and Grisham).

Now, the main candidates for his job would be to put JR in to replace him. Another logical one, put Bobby "The Brain" Heenan back there, or Tony Shiavonne, they were magnificent in those roles, that's IF JR does not want to be in TNA.

I know this article is long, but we now head to the co-commentators. First culprit, Jerry Lawler. Now, he was funny pre-PG era, I mean the way he used to get wound up by Puppies and such.

But since the PG era kicked in, he laughs at anything and everything the guest hosts do, or Hornswoggle, and its hard to listen to him during divas matches, he sounds like a pedo or a pervert. Its just too much (obviously blaming on PG but all the criticisms been there).

Matt Striker, he is like a Mike Tenay, all the knowledge but annoying also. I hate his heelish turn, and the fact when he talks it seems like he trying to give a bad lecture not related to whats actually happening. 

The main candidates for this job are people they released. Taz is doing a fantastic job in TNA, and you can tell he loves the business so much, just like JR. Their pairing was fantastic on SmackDown.

Then you've got Foley, who also did a good job with JR. JBL by far (I am not counting the pre-attitude era supremos such as Savage and Monsoon), was one of the best, if not THE best. His face turn commentary was magnificent, not over the top, and the same went for his heelish commentary.

He knew exactly what to say, when to say, how much emotion to be put into it. I loved his negativism towards Mysterio, then his positives when Kane used to beat him up to the max. He had a professionalism that does not match up with anyone else. How oh how we would love him back in the business.

Then we got people like Scott Hall, who I believe if given the chance, would do a magnificent job as a co-commentator. He has that charisma and swagger about him that would do wonders for the commentary team. He would give it that "edge" to it, and would take him away from the wrestling ring.

HBK would do a good job at it, but one other person, NXT's Wade Barrett, who has been announcing at FCW, would do a good job also. He would give an Attitude version of Alfred Hayes (who used to announce for WWF back in the days), and would give the program a different feel to it.

In conclusion, TNA seems to have the best team at the moment, and would love for the commentary teams in WWE to be changed around for the good!