After Cena Beats the Clock, He Wasn't Able To Call Match for Over The Limit

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 5, 2010

On Monday Night Raw, I had the pleasure of watching some great wrestling. The animal. Dave Batista, opened the show.

As usual, he demanded to have the spotlight on him as he walked down the ramp to the ring. Announcer Micheal Cole, said that Batista wants the spotlight just on himself and doesn't want to share it with anyone.

Dave acts as if someone owed him something. In that kind of business, just like any other sport, you have to work hard, respect your bosses and peers.

At this stage of the game, Batista is acting like a little whiner. Yes he did work hard to get where he is now. He complains, cries about not having the championship belt whenever he loses a match.

Back to this story. Batista said that he did not lose at ER. John Cena and Batista fought in a Last Man Standing match. It was grueling and brutal. The two superstars took each other beyond their limits.

Something snapped in John's head. Batista was standing in the corner and Cena jumped out of the ring, grabbed Batista's legs and wrapped them around the pole with duct tape.

Dave couldn't stand up for the 10-count. That means John retained his belt. I could understand his frustration, but it was legal. Anything went and it did.

While Batista was still crying over that match, the Celtic Warrior Sheamus went in the ring and said he wanted the belt and that he destroyed Triple H.

More words were exchanged before Sheamus left the ring area. The Animal told the fans that he set up two Beat The Clock competition matches. His opponent was supposed to be US champ, The Miz. He came out with a doctor's excuse.

It was more likely that he was afraid. So his replacement was Miz's NXT rookie, Daniel Bryan. Batista smiled thinking that it would be an easy match. Bryan gave him a problem and Batista knew this young man was a force to be reckoned with.

He lasted 5 min and 6 sec. Not bad, Daniel Bryan. Batista thinks that Cena couldn't beat his time, but alas he did just that.

His match was supposed to be against Chris Jericho. After Jericho saw what Miz did, he came out in a suit and said that this match was beneath him and not worth his time.

He sent his NXT Rookie out, Wade Barrett. This whole thing was so lame. What kind of message are they sending the WWE Universe? Maybe they want the fans to think they are cowards.

Well as the story goes, Cena beat Batista's time by maybe a minute maybe a little under that. This took place because the winner of this competition was supposed to determine who would set the match for OTL.

Just as Cena was going to tell the fans what kind of match he wanted, Sheamus comes charging in the ring, and gave John a kick to the temple.

Cena was out flat on his back. Sheamus is relentless and says that he will get the belt back, that's a promise.

Maybe he will, maybe he won't. The only thing that means anything right now is what kind of match is John going to call for. What will be the rules and stipulations?

Maybe a street fight, Ironman match, strap, or maybe, just maybe its going to be a Duct Tape match.