New Evolution That Could Run The WWE:

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IMay 5, 2010

We all remember Evolution which was ran by Triple H and Ric Flair. Triple H was the present and was World Heavyweight Champion. Ric Flair was the past and was manager and World Tag Team Champion w/Batista. While Randy Orton and Batista were the future of WWE. Randy Orton was Intercontinetal Champion while Batista was a World Tag Team Champion with the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Roles of Evolution:
Triple H was the leader and the one who either possessed or pursued the World Heavyweight title at all times, all the way back to when the group formed. He demanded complete loyalty from his fellow members, which wasn't always reciprocated when it didn't benefit them.

Ric Flair: was a "player-coach" of sorts and took a managerial role and mainly focused on helping the others, though he became increasingly more active as a wrestler as the group progressed, including winning the World Tag Team titles with Batista.

Randy Orton was the crown jewel of the group, he had everything any WWE Superstars would need to success in the WWE.

Batista: was the silent, strong enforcer of the group and The Animal of the Group.


Now with Spoiler from This Friday Night SmackDown, The Chosen One Drew McIntyre is fired from SmackDown, so what if Drew McIntyre went to RAW. And Sheamus is already dominating in the WWE already from his First Year. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre both have something in common, they both one Championships in a couple of months as they got in the WWE. You must not get this picture here, The Future is Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, which means Sheamus is Batista, Drew McIntyre is Randy Orton. Triple H could return from his injury as a heel, and Randy Orton could make a Heel-Turn later this year too. And have those 4 Superstars make a New Evolution and dominate the WWE. Randy Orton as WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre as United States Champion, Triple H and Sheamus as Unified Tag Team Champions. It is kinda weird how Triple H got put out because of Sheamus, but anything can happen. Randy Orton has Six-World Championship Reigns, Triple H has 13-World Championship Reigns, Sheamus has 1-World Championship Reign, Drew McIntyre is a 1-Time Intercontinetal Champion.

Triple H: Past (Ric Flair)

Randy Orton: Present (Triple H)

Sheamus: Future (Batista)

Drew McIntyre: Future (Randy Orton)


Do you think Drew McIntyre and Sheamus would be the right replacements for a New Evolution Stable in the WWE. Yes or No, I want your opinions.

Later this year they could form at Summerslam or Survivor Series.