A Crazy Plan For The USC Quarterback Position

Chaz Lionfist Contributor IJune 26, 2016

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Last year USC expeienced something very interesting last year. Defeat. Matt Barkley Started in 12 games for the Trojans last year and he did an ok job. He started out great but sort of fizzled out at the end of the year. Then P.C. left and trojans everywhere panicked until Lane Kiffin was Hired. Then Kiffin surprised some people by declaring all positions open including quarterback. Fast Forward to the USC spring scrimmage. Barkley looked sub par at best, on the other hand , Last years third string quarterback, Mitch Mustain, looked phenominal.

Now Lane Kiffin Has an interesting choice to make. Does he start Barkley or Mustain. But there are other things to consider. This Years recruiting class being called good is like calling Kobe decent. The part that is relevent to the quarterback discussion is the fact that the trojans signed the nations top tight end and three of the nations top receivers. That sounds great but they won't be able to make a significant contribution next year which caused me to think of this plan.

Start Mustain and redshirt Matt Barkley. Lets think about this for a moment We all know that Barkley is talented, but he needs to ripen a little bit before he can be a great quarterback. Meanwhile Mustain seems ready to  take the reins immediately. If Barkley and the incoming freshman all grow and develop together they would be extremely potent in the following years. So if Mitch Mustain is as good as he looks and Barkley is as talented as we think this would be a great idea. Barkley might have a few bruises on hiw ego but theres not a lot he could do.

Just Imagine Matt Barkley without freshman mistakes and more talented offensive weapons. Now imagine him with a shaky offensive line, a so-so rushing attack and only one real recieving target. I know which one I would rather see... but its just an idea. If you have any comments, suggestions or other genious plans just leave a comment below.