One-On-One with UMass Guard Javorn Farrell

Garrett TuckerCorrespondent IMay 5, 2010

First off, I'd like to thank Javorn Farrell for taking his time to have this interview with me. He's a great kid, and by the time you read this interview, you'll think of him as the ideal collegiate athlete.

Javorn Farrell is currently a freshman at the University of Massachusetts; during his freshman season, he averaged five points, four rebounds, and an assist a game with about 18 minutes of playing time each game.

I have no doubt in my mind that he'll be a key player in the near future for the Minutemen.

Farrell was nice enough to answer seven questions with me.


Garrett Tucker: For those that aren't aware of your style of play, who would you compare yourself to in the NBA? 

Javorn Farrell: An NBA Player that I'd compare myself to is Aaron Afflalo...we're the same height and basically do the same things [on the court].

Tucker: What was the biggest difference to you between high school basketball and college ball that you witnessed in your first season?

Farrell: The biggest difference is the speed of play and the strength of the players.

Tucker:  As a college basketball player, what does the latest NCAA Tournament expansion mean to you?

Farrell: As a player, personally I would have been mad if they changed it from 65 to 96 [teams], but I think the expansion of three more teams won't make that big of a difference...if they changed it to 96 it would have watered down the event, and making the tournament as a 96 seed, I don't think would've meant the same. 

Tucker: What stuck out to you about the University of Massachusetts?

Farrell: The coaches really stuck out when I took my visit [to UMass] and on the in-home visit about UMass. I felt like they wanted me to be the best possible player not just for the program, but also for my future basketball career.

Tucker: What school first contacted you about playing college basketball? What was your impression on them?

Farrell: The first school that ever contacted me about basketball was through was UCLA the third day of my freshman year in high first thought was they're pretty good...and I like LA... but the first school to contact me over the phone was Pitt. Associate head coach Tom Herrion contacted me the first day we were allowed to get phone calls.  It felt great; he was a cool guy and he didn't only talk basketball when we spoke.

Tucker: Since you play in the up-and-coming Atlantic-10 conference, which conference opponent would you say you like playing the most?

Farrell: Definitely Rhode matter the record of either team, it's going to be a big game because the two schools are so's a nice rivalry.

Tucker: What are your goals for the rest of your college career? How about the NBA?

Farrell: My goals for the the rest of my college career are to make the tournament and advance, win the A-10 [Atlantic-10 conference], and make UMass be the team it was in the mid-90s.  My personal goals are to get Most Improved Player in the league, make the A-10 All Defense Team, and make the All A-10 Team.  I plan on pursuing the NBA. I've been working hard and watching players at my position in the league to see exactly what I need to get there, and I know if I stay positive and keep working hard God will bless me with an opportunity.


Great interview Javorn!

Now honestly, how many collegiate athletes goals are to get Most Improved Player, as well as make the All-Defense Team?

Most go right for the big awards, but this just shows you the type of makeup this kid possesses. I have to say, he has a great future ahead of him!

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