"The Liberian Dream": A Look into the Life of Rennie Curran

Brennen SCorrespondent IMay 5, 2010

ATHENS, GA - SEPTEMBER 12:  Rennie Curran #35 of the Georgia Bulldogs against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Sanford Stadium on September 12, 2009 in Athens, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Rennie Flomo Curran.

It is a name that anyone in the Brookwood High School community knows as the hometown success story. It is a name that the Bulldog Nation associates with bone-crushing hits.

And it is a name that offenses in the NFL will soon fear to see on the opposite side of the field.

However, Rennie Curran, a weakside linebacker out of Atlanta, Georgia, has been through a lot to give himself the opportunity to become a household name. Curran attributes all of his success to his faith and his family.

Rennie Curran has faced adversity all of his life, but 2001 was the year that Rennie learned just how much he could overcome. In seventh grade Rennie recalls going through some of the hardest times in his life.

“My father lost his business and my mother got sick after a major surgery. There was an ice storm the same year. We didn’t have electricity or hot water. We were barely making it. Luckily God sent people to help that I never would have expected. My Little League coach and the rest of the parents on the team got together and gave us groceries and presents for Christmas. I definitely became stronger from the experience.”

All of his life Rennie has been pressured to be the one who provided a better life for his family, but he welcomes the pressure because he recognizes the sacrifices his parents have made in order to see his dreams fulfilled.

Receiving a scholarship to play football for the University of Georgia was a dream come true for Curran. The next obstacle for Rennie to overcome was balancing the life of a student, an athlete, and a father. “It definitely wasn’t easy,” stated Curran, “but because I had a good foundation and had people praying for me, I was able to overcome a lot.

"I had to give up a lot of partying and hanging out,” admits Rennie. “I also had to keep positive people around me who had similar goals as I did.”

The key to Rennie’s success both on and off the football field has been his faith and his family. Rennie’s relationship with God “is everything in my life. It keeps me from making a lot of bad decisions and influences my outlook on life. Because of my faith I realize that my strength and my abilities don’t come from me, but from God. It’s what keeps me humble and lets me know I can overcome any obstacles.”

The foundation for Rennie’s faith, his family, has been the biggest encouragement and influence in his life. Rennie recognizes just how blessed he is to have such a strong family background, and he uses them as his motivation day to day. “They’ve taught me the importance of being humble and working hard for what you want,” explains Curran.

Rennie Curran was recently selected by the Tennessee Titans with the 97th overall pick in the NFL draft. Rennie has seen his dream become a reality right before his eyes, and he is willing to take on the challenges that come along with being a professional football player.

In response to critics that say he won’t be able to compete at the next level, Rennie says, “I realize that no matter what I do people will always talk. Most of the doubters are ones who have never felt the feeling of achieving something huge. I handle the doubters by always maintaining an optimistic attitude and realizing that if God is for me, then nothing anyone says will keep me from what he has in store for me. I just use the negative energy to drive me.”

Rennie isn’t the kind of person who will put a roof on what his goals are or what he can achieve. He says that he will be “happy with any role the team gives me, but I won’t settle for anything but the best. I never get to the point where I get complacent or think I have arrived. I want to be the best linebacker that ever played, and that’s the attitude that I have.”

Rennie Flomo Curran hasn’t allowed anything to stop him yet, so keep an eye out for the “Liberian Dream,” because when his career in the NFL is over he might just be one of the best to ever play.