UFC 113: Unfinished Business - Preview and Predictions

Randy JordanContributor IMay 5, 2010

This is the UFC 113 Maincard Preview and Predictions article. You can find the undercard P/P article here.  All of my articles you can find on beatdownblog.com , check it out. It is new, but it is getting better everyday.

There are alot of interesting match-ups one this card — Ones that appeal to the hardcore fans and your average followers. I think the fight everyone is anticipating is the Shogun/Machida fight — But there are other good fights, and here they are.


UFC LHW Championship Bout

Lyoto Machida (16-0-0) vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (18-4-0) 


Welterweight Bout

Josh Koscheck (14-4-0) vs. Paul Daley (23-8-2) 


Lightweight Bout

Sam Stout (15-5-1) vs. Jeremy Stephens (16-5-0) 


Heavyweight Bout

“Kimbo Slice” (4-1-0)  vs. Matt Mitrione (1-0-0) 


Middleweight Bout

Patrick Cote (13-5-0) vs. Alan Belcher (15-6-0)  


Fight No. One

Middleweight Bout

Patrick Cote (13-5-0) vs. Alan Belcher (15-6-0) 


Patrick Cote

Cote was a top-tier fighter before his injury during the Anderson Silva fight. He will look to answer to the questions of whether he is the same fighter he used to be.

Before his title shot against the champion, he was on a four fight win streak over the likes of Jason Day, Kendall Grove, Drew McFriedres, and Ricardo Almeida — bringing his UFC record to 4-4, from his 0-4 start.

Cote's only losses in the UFC were against Tito Ortiz, Joe Dersken, Chris Leben, and Travis Lutter. At the time these fighters were top guys in the UFC, and they were at their sharpest.

Two years from your last fight is a long time. I don't care how hard you trained, there is no experience that mimic a UFC fight. and although, there are a lot of things you can do to prepare for a fight, we will see how prepared he is come Sunday. 

Patrick Cote is known for his striking ability, out of his last four wins, three have ended in the first round by KO/TKO. Cote is no slouch on the ground either, as he has only been submitted by Travis Lutter and Joe Doerkson.

Regardless of his injury, Cote is an action fighter and will want to keep the fight standing.

Fighting Alan Belcher as a "comeback" fight will likely be a tall mountain to climb.

We'll see how far Cote can climb at UFC 113.


Alan Belcher

Blecher has shown in his time in the UFC that he is a feared opponent. He has gone 6-4 in the UFC and his last fight was an impressive TKO victory over Wilson Gouveia.

Blecher has notable wins over Wilson Gouveia, Dennis Kang, and Ed Heman. He has heavy strikes, as evident in the Gouveia fight. Look for Belcher to have a more balanced approach than Cote.

I don't think Belcher will be wanting to go into to trade strikes, but I don't think he should avoid it altogether.

Getting a take-down will give him the best chance to make Cote ineffective, but I think Belcher is one to be feared striking as well.



I think the biggest question is if Cote is the same man as before.

If he is, I think that this match is his to lose. Its not that I think Belcher has no chance but facing a less effective Cote will only make it easier for him to win.

Bottom line — if Cote is the same, he should have too many tools in his bag for Belcher to win.


Winner Patrick Cote - TKO (Round Two)


Fight No. Two 

Heavyweight Bout

“Kimbo Slice” (4-1-0)  vs. Matt Mitrione (1-0-0) 


Kimbo Slice

Slice wants to prove his worth against fellow TUF alum Matt Mitrione. After handpicking his first opponent, it's clear that this is Kimbo's toughest test in the UFC.

Coming from a street-fighting background, Kimbo Slice wants to show why he became famous. If he should get to stand-up against Matt Mitione, he might get that chance.

It's no doubt that Slice has some skill with boxing and hard hands. The real question is — How much of his talent was magnified by the ineptness of his opponents?

Kimbo was knocked out with as little as a jab against Seth Petruzelli. That was his last fight at heavyweight, before his fight with Houston Alexander at catch-weight.

Since it is clear he is staying at Heavyweight there is no doubt that it is sink or swim for the Internet sensation Kimbo Slice. If he should lose this fight and his next fight I think the writing will be on the wall.


Matt Mitrione

Mitrione is looking to capitalize off his first UFC win, a KO over fellow former football player Marcus Jones.

I must say I was impressed the improvement that Mitrione has shown since the TUF show.

He claims he is not as big of a douchebag as he was portrayed on the show but I think it's irrelevant how big of a douchebag you are if you are planning on beating people up your whole life.

I am looking forward to see what tools he has added since the show.

This fight is heavily anticipated and rightfully so, it is definitely an interesting match-up.

I think Mitrione will be cautious of the strikes of Kimbo and try to take the brawler down. This is his best chance to win as it neutralizes Kimbo's biggest (And so far only) weapon. I wouldn't be shocked if he went out test Kimbo, as both these men are generally untested talents.



I think that this will be a well contested fight.

If Kimbo has made improvements to his game he has more than a "punchers chance" against Mitrione. I think that the game-plan Mitrione will be implementing is just to put Kimbo on his back. The ground game of Slice is just too big of a question, to just not exploit it.

Winner Matt Mitrione - TKO (Round Three)


Fight No. Three  

Lightweight Bout

Sam Stout (15-5-1) vs. Jeremy Stephens (16-5-0) 


Sam Stout

Stout is looking to gain ground in a very deep pool of lightweight.

This will be Stout's ninth fight in the UFC, he has gone 4-4 in stints with the UFC. Stout has won fight of the night four times, twice against Spencer Fischer, splitting the series 1-1.

I think the UFC gave him a perfect opponent for getting another his fifth post fight award.

Stout will be coming off his impressive victory of  Joe Lauzon. Like that fight Sam Stout will fall back on his Muay Thai and kickboxing training to keep Stephens off-balance with varied strikes. He also look to make the fight a fast paced fight, taking it to Stephens in waves.

I think there is no doubt that Stout will want to keep the fight standing as he has the advantage over Stephens.

If taken down Stout should be able to navigate his way to a scramble to get it back to his advantage. Stout should look to finish the fight at every opportunity available, trying to over-whelm Stephens with relentlessness.


Jeremy Stephens

Stephens was scheduled to face off against Nik Lentz at UFC Fight Night 20, but had to pull out due to sustaining a cut before the fight.

This will be Stephens ninth fight in the UFC, while also going 4-4 in his stints in the UFC. Stephens should look to take the fight to the ground. I don't think that he is outclassed as a striker, but Stout is definitely the more proven one.

With that said, Stephens shouldn't exclusively go for the take-down, but he should at least threaten it to open up holes in Stouts striking.



This fight is one of many well matched-up fighters taking on each other. These are two very exciting fighters looking to prove themselves in a stacked division. I should note that this will be the first time Jeremy Stephens has fought outside the U.S.

We well see if that has any effect on his preparation against Sam Stout.In the end, I think that Stout will bring too much fight for Jeremy Stephens to handle.

Winner Sam Stout - TKO (Round One)


Fight No. Four 

Welterweight Bout

Josh Koscheck (14-4-0) vs. Paul Daley (23-8-2)  


Josh Koscheck

Koscheck is looking to get a rematch with current champion GSP.

With a spectacular wins over Anthony Johnson and Frank Trigg, Josh Koscheck is getting closer to making possible and an exciting victory against Daley would bring him closer to that goal.

Considering the volatility of Daley's striking, Koscheck should look to avoid the stand-up at all cost. I think the key to Koscheck winning is to not let his ego get the best of him against Daley. Koscheck is a Division-one wrestling champion, and he should use his credentials during this fight.

If think that since Josh Koscheck is the stronger opponent when grappling he should look to exploit the ground game of Daley. If Josh Koscheck were to try and KO Daley, it should be out of scrambles when Daley is his most vulnerable.

I don't think Koscheck is that confident in his game to try to out—strike Paul Daley— He may say that, I hope he is smarter than that, if he wants to win.


Paul "Semtex" Daley

Daley has exploded onto the UFC scene going 2-0 in his first two fights. Daley is coming off spectacular wins over Martin Kampmann and Dustin Hazelett. None of his UFC matches have made it out of the first round.

One thing to look for is if Paul Daley has trouble making weight. He was fined 10 percent of his purse against his last fight against Dustin Hazelett for coming in two pounds overweight.

He seemed to visibly have trouble making the weight and was not allowed to re-weigh as most fighters are. I think that is something to see if he has prepared.

I think we all know what Paul Daley's gameplan is and we all know what he needs to avoid. I think this match-up rings of GSP/Hardy as the styles these fighters are vastly different and conflicting.

I think that Paul will be a better match-up for Koscheck than Hardy was GSP. Paul Daley has proven his has KO power. It remains to be seen if he will get to use that against Josh Koscheck.



I have to admit, I am really torn about this one. My brain says that the take-downs of Koscheck will dictate this fight, but my heart tells me that this is Paul Daley's time to shine. I know I am going to make a stand on one or the other. I have to  against my gut instinct, and root for the underdog.

Winner Paul Daley - TKO (Round Three)


Fight No. Five

UFC Light Heavy-weight Championship Bout

Lyoto Machida (16-0-0) vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (18-4-0) 


Lyoto Machida

Machida wants everyone to know that the first win wasn't a bad decision. He will look to prove once and for all that he is the better fighter and is deservedly the champion.

Lyoto Machida has been perfect in his MMA career, not many people can say that. I think his rise to the top has been very consistent. He has wins over three UFC champions, and is 8-0 in the UFC. There hasn't been many times were Lyoto didn't look in control of his fights.

The last fight was a different story, Shogun was able to keep Machida off balance and out-of-timing in the first fight.

It will be interesting to see the game-plan Lyoto has made to counter-act the leg kicks that hampered him in the first fight. I think we will see a replay of the continuous stand-up chess match we saw in their first fight. I don't think either are ready to concede the stand-up advantage just yet.

I think that Machida will once again make us WOW at the techniques he is going to employ. He should look to utilize his Judo throws more this time, that would give Shogun one more thing to think about. I think that Machida will at least prove he has stepped his game up once more, no matter what the outcome.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua

Rua will have to once again bring the "Shogun of Pride' to UFC 113 if he plans on taking the belt home.

He will not only need to utilize the leg kicks that hampered Lyoto, he will need to bring another bag of tricks as well. I think it will be interesting to see the evolution that Shogun's game-plan has made since the first fights against the Karate Master.

I will say that Shogun has made a remarkable comeback from when his career was in jeopardy because of knee injuries. He has battled back through the toughest of storms to make it back to the top of MMA. He shouldn't stop here as he should look to cement his status as one of the game's top fighters.

To do that Shogun will have to bring the same tenacity that he did in the first fight. If Shogun isn't able to match the last effort against Machida, he will certainly lose. Mauricio Rua will need to bring a killer's mentality to ensure that the fight doesn't go to decision.

What we haven't been able to see of Shogun, is his BJJ blackbelt. A significant majority of his wins have come by KO/TKO and not submissions. If the fight does go to the ground I hope we get the see the ground skills of the challenger, because on paper he has the advantage.  Shogun will need to bring his all-around A+ game and display some of the consistency that has made Lyoto champion.



Turn the fight on mute this time, because NO ONE wants any questions of victory in this rematch.

I think that we are watching 1 and 1a in the light heavyweight division, and we will see who claims hold over the weight-classes title. These fighters are a perfect match-up as they will make the other raise himself to a higher-level of fighting.

It will be interesting to see all the little changes in this fight, and who will see who executes theirs better on Saturday. As for me I have the fight being the same outcome as before.

Winner Lyoto Machida - Decision (Round Five)

Remember you can find all of my articles at beatdownblog.com . That's the end of UFC 113 Main Card Preview and Predictions. Tell me what you think.


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