Playing Like an MVP

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIMay 5, 2010

The title might turn a few heads, maybe you start to question my knowledge of the NBA, but Cleveland's success is ultimately landing on the shoulders of Lebron. I've said since the Cavaliers got Antawn Jamison, it would be up to the bench to lead a strong playoff drive. After the first two games in Cleveland against Boston, it seems as if the tide has turned and now it really is up to Lebron. It's not even like he had a bad game, but it seemed like the team was staring at him the entire game and nothing spectacular was being produced.



Another item that has been pissing me off to no end is the playing time Zydrunas Ilgauskas is getting, or lack there of. He went from starting last season, to riding the pine for an entire playoff game? Of course I'm a Jamario Moon fan, but I would much rather see Ilgauskas play over Moon. Shaq was awful in game two and after the first four missed shots, Ilguaskas should have checked in. That brings me to another point. Shaq is 38 years old and only getting older. Can we please stop giving him the ball at the elbow and expecting him to score? Are you serious Cleveland? He has maybe one or two dribbles, and we all know he covers about two inches with each dribble. Get him the ball right under the basket, or take him out. I'm tired of seeing him setting screens at the three-point line and then cutting to the elbow. Get him the ball deep in the post or swing it around.



On a positive not for Cleveland, the bench has played particularly well in the post season so far. I am starting to love the play of Delonte West lately, as much as I hate what he does off the court. Jamario has his spurts, but if he is throwing a picnic on the wing he needs to come out. Unless he gets hot from downtown or starts driving, no offense, the Cavaliers are playing 4-5 on offense. Oh yeah, can somebody explain to me when Anderson Varejao became a center? Never? I thought so. I'm not knocking him at all because I believe he plays with an intensity that almost nobody shows. He needs to be a power-forward though. The second string should be Mo, Delonte, Moon/Hickson, Varejao, and Ilgauskas.



Now the Cavaliers are forced to steal a game at the Garden which is a very difficult task. If any Cavaliers are reading this, I'd love for you guys to steal game four because I'll be there. The short white kid throwing up "Goosey's" with a Jamario Moon jersey. I'm sure I'll stick out in that sea of green.