Iron Man 2 Star Katie Cleary: This Glam-Star Knows Her Game, And Loves Her MJ

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Iron Man 2 Star Katie Cleary: This Glam-Star Knows Her Game, And Loves Her MJ

Katie Cleary. She's one of the hottest rising actresses in Tinsel-Town. A Chicago born actress, who made her first mark in the fabulous world of Hollywood, as a popular "Deal or No Deal" model. In just a short time, Katie's leveraged her good looks, charm, and personality into quite the impressive career, she's starring in such movies as "the Break Up" and the "Lake House."
In addition to a growing film repertoire, the lovely Katie Cleary's hosted dozens of top entertainment shows on E! the TV Guide Channel, and HDTV.
Making the jump into the mega-film world, you'll be able to watch her in the upcoming release of Iron Man 2.
Katie Clary is one of the most passionate actresses in Hollywood, heavily involved with the Humane Society and animal rights groups. She's amply applauded as both an entertainment personality, and a celebrity role model.
What you might not know about Katie, this gorgeous actress is an avid sports fan! She glitters the "glamorous" into glam girls who love sports, and we were lucky enough to interview the up-and-coming Super Glamstar!
Katie Cleary
GG: Katie, you grew up in Chicago. Are you a Bears fan? A cubs fan,White Sox fan? Bulls?
KC: "I loved the Bulls during the Jordan era. I was glued to the TV and never missed a game during all those championships I missed the whole JimMcMahan/Ditka championship era because I was only four, but I know everyone in Chicago is still talking about it and waiting for the next one. The Cubs – I love going to Cubbies games with my friends and family when I am in town. There's just something about Wrigley field that is so nostalgic and puts you in the mood for a nice cold beer and those ball park franks! I have been somewhat “coerced” to follow the Ohio State Buckeyes because that is my fiancee’s team, but usually I am running around doing so much I don’t have time to sit down and catch a game. When I finally get home we are usually fighting over the remote. I want to wind down to Access Hollywood or Extra, but my fiancee always has on SportsCenter so suffice to say I get both my daily sports and gossip fixes by the time I hit the hay"
GG: Your favorite sport to follow? Favorite team? Favorite player?
KC: "I’ve been to some Lakers playoff games which are fun and if Lebron and Kobe end up facing off in the championship I will be all over that series. I went to the Rose Bowl this year and watched the Buckeyes beat the Ducks and I’m looking forward to visiting the horseshoe next year for the Michigan game. I ran track in college so I’m really looking forward to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. But I have to say "DaBulls" will always be my favorite team and of course #23 my favorite player of all time!"
GG: You are heavily involved in the Humane Society. Tell us what you've done for the organization?
KC: "I was the award presenter three years in a row for the Genesis Awards to support animals causes in the media. The 24th Annual Genesis Awards aired on Animal Planet last week. I recently showed my support for various causes by protesting with some of the crew from the TV Show "Whale Wars" and got the restaurant “The Hump” shut down because they were illegally serving whale meat and turtle blood. Really disgusting people! I have also protested against most of the pet stores in LA that buy their puppies from puppy-mills where the dogs are sick and malnourished. This will soon be illegal and myself and a bunch of volunteers fight to educate the owners to go humane or shut down in our "Adopt - don't buy" campaigns. I also volunteer when I can at The Shambala Preserve for big cats that Tippi Hedren owns. My house is a sanctuary in its own right with two rescued dogs, two rescued cats, one rescued parrot and three rescued turtles along with a koi pond.
GG: Are you following the NBA playoffs?
KC: "Well I’m not following the Bulls anymore. I wish Jordan was back to show Lebron a thing or two! Maybe next year. They have a good, young coach in Vinny Del Negroand Derrick Rose is going to be a superstar. He just needs more of a supporting cast and some big men around him that can score"
GG: Your thoughts for the gals who are trying to learn the nitty-gritty of the sporting world?
KC: " We need more young women who love sports even when their boyfriend/husband isn’t making them watch! Being athletic and fit is very sexy in my opinion! I am not a fan of the heroin chick model look. I think girls should be able to watch a game and then go out and play it"

We Love Katie, and can't wait to watch her in Iron Man 2, out in theaters May 7th.

Stay Lovely,

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