Devon's Dissention: TNA May Have Lost the Battle, But Not the War

Devon GivensCorrespondent IMay 4, 2010

The wrestling community has been blowing up with feelings of both surprise and exuberance.  The news that TNA Impact! will move back to its original home on Thursday nights have been the talk of the town recently, since TNA is taking their time out to "listen" to their fanbase.

This proves that while WWE may have won the battle, they have not exactly won the war.

Since going against WWE, TNA has made a number of cosmetic changes and signing big names such as Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam.  The once innovative six-sided ring
was changed to a traditional four-sided ring with orders under Hulk Hogan, being met with very mixed reaction from wrestling fans. 

They also took a big drop in ratings, going from their usually 1.0 rating to a mere 0.5 rating. 

When many fans heard this news, all hope was lost, and many TNA fans have been pleading to TNA management to go back to their original slot.

It can be argued though that Vince have finally noticed TNA, (about as noticed as a blimp on a radar), and decided to overstuffed their already astronomical roster on Raw with such names as: Chris Jericho, Edge, and future main eventers John Morrison and R-Truth, to see an increase in ratings while TNA could have plummeted to one of their lowest ratings since 2004, and that's saying something.  (I'll give them kudos for trying, but we can all agree that it was just way too early.)

While WWE did make the move, did it seem kind of impotent?

Now that TNA made the move back to Thursdays, how will SmackDown make up for all those big names?  Unless they decide to eventually push the likes of Kofi Kingston and Christian, then who are we to doubt WWE for making that move?

Now flipping back to TNA, the company could improve on many things, one of the things they really need to improve on is booking.

While this is something many TNA fans have been demanding for many times, it cannot be argued that TNA really need to step up their booking.

The "Crash TV" style booking is not cutting it nowadays, as wrestling fans have ever since evolved from having the attention spans of a rodent (well, most of us, anyway).

We now can sift through the finishes and what is going on, leaving many of us scratching our heads from the outcome due to TNA's convoluted and often perturbed booking (pointless Knockouts filler matches, two or three attacks mid-way through the match) which often interferes and contrive us from quality storylines and wrestling action, and focus on trying to much to pop a rating, (cough, World Title matches, cough nearly every week) rendering their chances of actually becoming a threat to WWE.

TNA really does "cross the line" trying to be the complete opposite of WWE, but if your promoting chair shots to the head, like you don't really give a crap about them, you're basically giving the company bad publicity, (next to keeping that shockjock BTLS) and that cannot be good on TNA's part since they do not have a Wellness Policy like the WWE does. 

The safety of a professional wrestling is one of the biggest concerns of a professional wrestling company, who would fail to realize that?

Basically, trying to dish out a product with increased violence, blood, and swearing doesn't seem to be cutting it nowadays, and changing the creative direction of the product can improve the rather mediocre product. 

While I don't mind blood on matches, it's a problem when you have the wrestlers bleed nearly every week during a feud, taking away the quality of a feud and the match being performed, leaving the match feel rather redundant.

A second show is actually a smart move if TNA actually go threw with it, to showcase many of the other talent that were not featured on Impact!  Maybe a Saturday time slot can work for them (who knows?).  Not only that, but it will also close the open void TNA currently has when it comes to continuity in storylines.

To succinctly put this altogether, TNA should be striving for success and drift away from the redundancy that was done in the late '90s.  If they follow up with a contrasting product than what they originally put out nowadays, then maybe, just maybe a War will actually start and TNA will be taken more seriously as a viable threat.