WWE Monday Night Raw Review: Monday May 3rd

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIMay 4, 2010

Seg 1) Batista/Sheamus Promo

Not a bad promo from Sheamus. He's improved even since last week. Batista was his same whiny heel self. Great work from Batista. I know I will probably get some hassle for saying this and I don't know why I feel this way, but I am starting to become bored of Batista. Nonetheless, I will remain impartial in my review.

Seg Rating: 4/5


Seg 2) Batista vs Daniel Bryan

Nice to see Danielson get some flagship broadcast exposure. Not a bad match. A small bit too one-sided but I understand why - WWE couldn't have a rookie get in too much offense on one of their top guys.

Seg Rating: 3/5


Seg 3) DiBiase vs Morrisson

A really good tv match for the red brand. I was so glad that WWE didn't go with the countout finish - look what we would have missed out on. I may be wrong, but I think that was the first match on Raw in the last 18 months that received a ''This is awesome'' chant at some point. Very good showing from both men.

Seg Rating: 5/5


Seg 4) Cena vs Wade Barrett

This match was a stark contrast to the opening contest. The rookie gets in the majority of the offense, then Cena gets the win out of nothing really. God offense from Barrett. He tapped a little too quickly for my liking though.

Seg Rating: 2.5/5


Seg 5) Maryse vs Nikki Bella

Total squash. Nothing more, nothing less.

Seg Rating: 1/5


Seg 6) Ryder vs Henry

Not a squash match but we all knew who was going to win. Some nice moves for Ryder though...

Seg Rating: 1.5/5


Seg 7) The Hart Dynasty vs Kozlov & Regal

Again, not a total squash but we all knew the outcome.

Seg Rating: 1.5/5


Seg 8) The Cutting Edge

This was a truly great segment. Great mic work from Edge. Really unpredictable stuff from Orton. I really hope Edge can force WWE to allow his air time to be rated TV-14, but I highly doubt it. A great way to end Raw.

Seg Rating: 5/5


Final Thoughts:

Tonights Raw was a good exampe of the balance between air time allotted for the main eventers and the younger stars - WWE just about got it 100% right. On a side note, if WWE are going to put Miz and Y2J together as a team, at least take the US Title off of Miz. All in all, a good Raw tonight. Some decent air time for the young stars. The Cutting Edge was the highlight of the night but the DiBiase vs JoMo match was by far the best match of the night.

Final Rating: 3.5/5