WCOFF Satellite Fantasy Football Draft Round Two

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WCOFF Satellite Fantasy Football Draft Round Two
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Round Two

1. Bills Are Back — Aaron Rodgers, GB QB
2. EarlyBird — DeAngelo Williams, Car RB
3. purestrength3 — Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR
4. Ficitional Thugs — DeSean Jackson, Phi WR
5. JerrysJetsBrandon Marshall, Mia WR
6. HAWKNATION — Drew Brees, NO QB
7. FantasyLion.com   Miles Austin, Dal WR
8. Fantasy Assassins MF — Roddy White, Atl WR
9. Did this dude just did this? — Jamaal Charles, KC RB
10. CSACMA — Calvin Johnson, Det WR
11. L.A. CONNECTION — Vincent Jackson, SD WR
12. No Mercy — Sidney Rice, Min WR

Position Breakdown

Eight WRs, Two RBs, Two QBs

My Pick

It was a priority for me to get two top WRs with my first three picks.

I’m very high on Austin, a lot higher than most, but trust me, he’s the real deal. Some are concerned that Dez Bryant will take away from Austin. I think it’s the opposite.

A knock on Austin going into this year before the Cowboys drafted Bryant was that his production should go down because this year he won’t take anyone by surprise and he’ll have to face double coverage.

Well now, with Bryant, he’ll never have to. If teams double Austin, they’ll get burned by Bryant.

Austin finished No. Seven last year at WR despite not starting until week five. Imagine what he could do with 16 starts? It’s scary and not a stretch to say that Austin could finish in the top three and maybe even No. One in this scoring format.

I’m not going to go overboard, because I know there’s a lot of mouths to feed in Dallas, but Austin finishing in the top 10 is a safe assumption. With that in mind, I now have two top 10 WRs to build my team around and stoked that I’ll have someone to root for on Thanksgiving!

Current Roster

— WR1 — Andre Johnson
— WR2 — Miles Austin

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