To Tiger Woods' Mistresses: ENOUGH!

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIMay 4, 2010

NEW YORK - APRIL 05: Attorney Gloria Allred and porn star Veronica Siwik-Daniels (Joslyn James) react to Tiger Woods news conference at the New York Friars Club on April 5, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images)
Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images


I think I speak for just about everyone out there concerning Tiger Woods and his so-called mistresses’ when I say, "ENOUGH ALREADY." I am SO sick and tired of seeing these women on the cover of magazines, on entertainment shows, and strip clubs, showing their goodies to world proclaiming their love for Mr. Woods.


I’m not saying Tiger isn’t responsible for any of this because he is big time, but I am sick of seeing these women everywhere. Do these women not have a life? This story is getting OLD.


I hate to tell them this, but unless Tiger has been with a man, who cares anymore? We’ve heard just about every dirty detail there is about his affairs; what is there to add?


He was a dog; we get it. But for women like Joslyn James, it’s not enough. Ms. James has decided to spend her days following Woods at every event he plays to get publicity or I guess until he says I’m sorry.


Ms. James, let me tell you this, despite your claims, your AREN’T owed an apology because you aren’t a victim. You knew when you slept with a married man famous or not, what you were getting into so forgive me and probably the rest of the general public for not giving a damn about your situation; get a life and leave this man alone.


It’s quite obvious what he thought about you and that’s not much. The same with these other women; get the hint, if Tiger wanted to be with ANY of you on a regular basis, he would be.


The truth is ladies (and I say that loosely) the only thing any of you are owed is the back hand of Mrs. Elin Woods, but unlike the rest of you, she has too much class for that. Maybe that’s why Tiger is for fighting for his marriage and not to be with any of you. My advice to you, move on because there is nothing else to see here.