WWE Raw : Is the Guest Host Concept Here to Stay?

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IMay 4, 2010

At the last WWE shareholders meeting, Stephanie McMahon expressed her satisfaction about the guest host concept for their flagship show.  With that concept, she said, the company was bigger than any late night show.

She also added : "We really are what's cool to do in Hollywood right now, which can only help our image and brand building."          

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That being said, the head of the creative department confirmed they won't stop to use the guest host formula that seems to please the WWE authorities.  

No matter if it pleases the fans or not, the concept looks to be a good thing in terms of marketing and visibility in mainstream medias.

Unfortunately, most of the fans or at least many in the Internet Wrestling Community, don't like the guest host concept.  When it comes to wrestling and storylines, it's obvious there's a lack of continuity.  

In addition, without a real general manager, there's no official authority present on the shows and the wrestlers look to be let without guidance.  Actually, Raw looks like a kindergarten class stuck with a different replacement teacher each and every week.

Apparently, WWE will continue to please the investors and those who buy TV commercial spots because the ratings are good.  If it's good for business, they won't stop to use the guest host concept just like that.  

And what about the wrestling fans?  It seems it doesn't matter to please them; money talks so we can't expect a new permanent general manager any time soon.

Will it be good long-term if the fans are not happy?  It's one thing to have current good ratings, but it's another to keep the fans.  

If they want to stick to that concept that is becoming old with its commercial side and its absence of credibility week after week, why not use a guest host once a month to make it an event?

What do you all think?  Will we have to swallow the pill and accept the idea they will never stop to use the guest host formula?  

Is there a chance they realize they might hurt the company by not pleasing a hardcore fanbase?  Can this actually hurt them in long-term?