Jack Swagger: World Heavyweight Disaster!

John CitizenContributor IIMay 4, 2010




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Am I the only one who thinks a wrestler’s credibility is one of the most important aspects of an aspiring young talent’s career, if they have any chance of making it in the main event?

I’m going to get straight to the point when I pull out the name “Jack Swagger” from the hat. We all know Swagger as the two-time All American collegiate wrestler, and blame the WWE commentators if this is incorrect, but does that not mean he was the best amateur wrestler that the United States had for two years?

It’s only fitting that he comes from Oklahoma, the very same state as the great Jim Ross, and is scouted by the WWE thanks to the very same man. This was back in 2006, where he would then be placed into the former WWE developmental territory Deep South Wrestling, only to jump over to Ohio Valley Wrestling and finally land himself in Florida Championship Wrestling. Obviously, Swagger showed he had what it takes to be elevated to the main WWE roster, and of course this occurred in 2008.

But what exactly has he done that anybody cares about?

He first debuted in 2008 over on ECW, and four months later he became ECW Champion while staying undefeated. Swagger was at the top and he stayed there for a further three months before losing the title to Christian, who is a credible opponent with huge history, so losing the title to him is nothing to be ashamed of. After a few attempts at re-capturing the ECW Championship, Swagger fails, and then gets traded to RAW.

Now here’s the punch line.

Swagger begins a short and boring feud with MVP, goes after the United States Championship, and fails in getting that twice, with the final time being at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 4th, 2009. Now most of this isn’t from memory, I’ve had to research some to reboot my brain, but what happens next in the career of Jack Swagger I remember quite clearly.

So from being the best amateur wrestler in the United States for two years, from being undefeated all the way to becoming ECW Champion, from being “promoted” to the RAW brand and failing to do anything spectacular, Swagger’s career is at a crossroads.

Frankly, the WWE has nothing for him.

From October 4th, he is given little microphone time and only occasionally wrestles a match, before finally, FINALLY, we think something is going to happen for Swagger.

Wow, how wrong that statement is!

So the WWE’s next pay-per-view is the Royal Rumble, and we witness the re-emergence of Jack Swagger. He comes out to the ring, acting like a very confident man, and he begins to speak about how he will win the Royal Rumble match.

Yeah, like everybody else isn’t going to do the same thing.

Swagger takes the next step and issues a challenge to the RAW roster, stating that absolutely nobody could toss him over the top rope. Who answers the call? No not John Cena, no not Randy Orton. Instead it’s the resident Italian, Santino Marella, who steps up.

Basically, another segment the WWE thinks will be funny, but in reality it’s lame. Anything that involves Hornswoggle is lame if you wanted further clarification.

So it’s basically the battle of the hilarious Italian and the close-to-being-buried amateur wrestling superstar. When watching this occur, I was thinking at the time that Santino was the jobber and this was the beginning of a Swagger push of sorts. Yeah, no, it wasn’t that case at all. Instead we witness Santino “stun” the WWE Universe when Swagger goes toppling over.

Pretty ironic that two months later, Swagger beats Santino to qualify for the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania XXVI.

And he wins the thing! What a joke.

The night after Wrestlemania XXVI, Swagger attempts to cash the briefcase in on RAW at the expense of John Cena, but he fails. Four nights later on Smackdown, basically, thank you for the World Heavyweight Championship!

This is what I think is dumb.

Swagger has had absolutely no positive build up, he has not done anything to even warrant winning the briefcase, yet he beats the likes of Christian, Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin and Kane who all clearly deserve the briefcase more than he does. I get the WWE want to build young superstars for the future, but the way they do it is ridiculous.

We can all argue about the controversial case of Sheamus, but it’s Swagger’s spotlight for now.

So Swagger pins an injured Chris Jericho to win the title and gets RKOed and pinned by Randy Orton on two consecutive weeks, so his title reign is already tedious. Then once a match against Orton is announced at Extreme Rules, the following Smackdown he defends the title against Chris Jericho and Edge... and beats them! Right when we begin to think this reign could be a serious one, what happens the following week on Smackdown?

A dumb move, that’s what.

I’m not sure whether the WWE intend to push Morrison or not, but he pins Swagger cleanly. There isn’t a single catch to that statement, he literally pins Swagger without any help.

What the hell!

Now what makes this whole situation worse, is that Swagger is in no way a credible main eventer. He isn’t even a credible mid-carder, yet we’re going to see a repeat of Sheamus’ WWE Championship reign at Extreme Rules.

What Jack Swagger is going to do at Extreme Rules will not only make Orton look weak, will not only make him look weak, but his world title reign as well. Come on, we don’t want that.

Swagger’s build-up to this match has been terrible, but he will win at Extreme Rules. His credibility is already on thin ice, and if he loses at Extreme Rules, then this title reign has been one of the most pointless in recent history. All it was was an excuse to push a superstar that the WWE know they have nothing for, a superstar with unlimited potential and was possibly on the brink of being released, but also to make their decision work of having a Money in the Bank themed pay-per-view.

So is this push for Swagger even legit?

Because all I see is him showing up to Over The Limit on May 23rd, losing the title and doing nothing of any importance for the next few months. All I can say is that he is not a credible main eventer like the WWE wants him to be, and if recent results continue, his career will be a laughing stock.

Am I critical of Swagger? No, the guy has potential, but the way the WWE has screwed up a very promising career by the actions they’ve taken to push him, THAT is what I am critical of. They did it to Sheamus and they’re doing it to Jack Swagger.

I can think of so many superstars who have had better build-up and deserve a world title reign more than Swagger does. Then again, this is the same WWE who think the PG rating is actually a good idea.

In conclusion, Jack Swagger has been a flop champion, but it just goes to show how much the WWE care about the future.


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