Jose Guillen and Gil Meche: Kansas City Royals Trade Opportunities

Kris WheelerCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

The Royals for a long time now, have been the franchise that allows solid players to slip through their hands and become perennial all-stars with other teams—Carlos Beltran, Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, David Cone, among others. 

I am not suggesting that the Royals continue in this manner, however, if a move is to be made, this is what should be proposed.

Jose Guillen and Gill Meche must be traded to a contender, a team that will be playing for the playoffs.  These clubs have a win-now mentality and will forfeit great talent in order to reach their goals for the year.

Guillen and Meche do not necessarily fit into what the Royals seem to be accomplishing.  The Royals are young, and have what some would say "potential all-stars".  Meche and Guillen are not all-stars, are not young, and are not putting up great numbers. 

Guillen is an average player at best, with an atrocious work ethic, and a horrendous example of how to play the game.  However, Guillen has lit a fire under the Royals clubhouse about his expectation for winning.  How ever much I like that, actions speak louder than words. 

Guillen is a clubhouse killer and for teams like the Royals, chemistry is the one thing they need in order to become a solidified contender.  Chemistry can take teams to the playoffs.  Teams don't necessarily need the best players to win, they have to want to put it on the line every night because they respect their teammates and are willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the team. 

Is Guillen willing to do that? Jogging to first base on every other grounder doesn't make one convinced that he is capable.  There will be many teams in the hunt for a player like Guillen and I expect offers to be rolling in soon. 

Hopefully Dayton Moore will seize the opportunity to move in a big bat or a solidified ace.  Either way, we need a team to pick up the $12,000,000 salary that Guillen leaves behind. 

Gil Meche is not what we had expected.  Last year, he had a very solid performance.  This year has been completely opposite.  Teams may not be knocking down the Royals door to get Meche and Dayton Moore may have to eat the salary given to Meche. 

If an opportunity comes about where the Royals can get solid talent in AA, we should take it.  Meche is not getting any younger, and by his performance this year, it doesn't seem that he is committed to getting better either.

What players will be out there that fit the Kansas City Royals mold?  Let me break down the Royals needs.  The Royals need a first basemen with power, second basemen (Grudz isn't getting any younger), outfielder (can Gathright hit it out of the infield?), a catcher, and a solid starter.  Here are the players Dayton Moore should consider:


Nick Markakis:  Baltimore

Matt Kemp:  LA Dodgers

First Base: 

Jorge Cantu:  Florida

Adam Dunn:  Cincinnati

Second Base:

Dan Uggla: Marlins

Ian Kinsler: Texas Rangers


Kurt Suzuki: Oakland

Brian McCann: Atlanta 


Ervin Santana:  LA Angels

Jeremy Guthrie:  Baltimore

Scott Olsen:  Florida

Jered Weaver:  LA Angels

John Maine:  NY Mets

Oliver Perez:  NY Mets

Greg Smith:  Oakland

Dana Eveland:  Oakland