Andy Reid, Joe Banner, Philadelphia Eagles Management: Buzz Killers

chris klinknerSenior Writer IJuly 17, 2008

Is the buzz gone?

Yes we still love the Eagles. Yes we love McNabb, Dawkins, Westbrook, and all the others who wear Eagles green. We love football. We fans are 60,000 deep on the season ticket waiting list.

But is the same excitement from years back still there with the Eagles? Listening to fans the answer appears to be no. Who or what is to blame?

Could it be the rise and excitement of the other teams in the city? It's possible, but I don't believe that is the main reason.

I think the true reason is the arrogance of Eagles Management. We are entering year number ten of the Andy Reid and Joe Banner regime. You can't deny or overlook that the Eagles have achieved great success under Reid and Banner, but their act is growing tiresome with fans.

The events of the past two days (new agents for Sheppard and Westbrook) again highlight the philosophy that the only way is Banner's way. You have outplayed your current contract, too bad, we aren't renegotiating it!

Yes sports is a business. But Banner has taken it to the extreme. It is always about the bottom line. Congratulations for turning the Eagles into a billion-dollar empire. But where are the championships?

Over the past few years you have continued to put a playoff caliber product on the field. But you and Reid refuse to take the next steps and bring in or keep the final pieces to finally bring the Lombardi Trophy to Philadelphia.

Eagle fans want championships not playoff appearances. You claim to be the gold standard of the NFL, but unfortunately for the Eagle fans there is no hardware to support the claim.

The scary thing is that Banner’s cronies are moving up the ranks of the Eagles Front Office. Just look at the recent promotion of Howie Roseman. A contract guy is now one of the top player personnel decision makers. The Banner way continues to prevail within the Eagles organization.

And don’t even get me started on Jeffrey Lurie.

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