Big Time Coach To Big Ten Guppies?

kev deakContributor IMarch 11, 2017

At some point the athletic director for Penn State Tim Curley will have to account for the horrendous basketball program. Under the tremendous shadow of beaver stadium lies the Bryce Jordan Center. A lonely, often desolate building that if given the right team could give Penn State a huge home court advantage. It can hold 16,000 plus and is completely state of the art.

No longer can Tim Curley get away with hiring underachieving coaches to lead our often outmatched team night in and night out. This problem can be easily fixed by simply digging into the vault of wealth and pulling the trigger on a sure thing.

That sure thing is simply John Calipari. With the sanctions being thrown onto Memphis it is only a matter of time before Kentucky gets sent under the microscope and John will need to scurry to another team with his top 3 recruiting class, who will be willing to sign at whatever school is offering to take the almost guaranteed 30 win season coach.

If there is one thing John can do as a coach, it is recruiting top ESPN ranked players, specifically guards. Calipari has shown what he can do with Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, John Wall, and soon to be Brandon Knight (the two time Gatorade player of the year in high school) and he has a verbal from two of the top juniors at their position for the class of 2011.

The issue with this idea is how long will it take for the NCAA to want to take down UK’s final four reigns and also if JoePa is willing to sacrifice the integrity of the entire university for a couple of basketball seasons in order to lift the program into the upper echelon of the Big Ten and possibly the country.

Memphis may have had one season taken away but it has certainly not stopped the recruiting prowess of the school. They have picked up highly touted recruits and will continue to do so long after Calipari has retired. They now have installed a much less known coach and have not been able to drink from the fountain of success as often but still have had prosperous seasons.

Penn State has the fan base, which came out during a NIT run in 2009. Imagine the amount of sell outs the BJC will have if there is even a chance of a NCAA seed let alone a deep run in the dance. As a student at Penn State I have gone to basketball games and I have groaned with the crowd as another more talented team comes into our house and beats us in the last couple minutes due to the playmaking ability or superior coaching coming from the opposing teams. A coach like Calipari can single handedly change the direction of a program for decades to come…even though his system will most likely never win him a championship as history has shown.