Breaking News: TNA Wrestling Moving Back To Thursday Nights

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 3, 2010

After a little over three months of going head-to-head with WWE RAW, it is being reported that TNA iMPACT, TNA Wrestling's only TV show, is expected to move back to its former timeslot on Thursday nights.

An official announcement is expected to come tonight live on iMPACT.

If you ask me, this is a great move for TNA Wrestling. They obviously are years away from being able to legitimately compete with World Wrestling Entertainment's flagship show WWE RAW.

People are seemingly always complaining about me talking negative about TNA, well, here is me being positive. This is a great move by them, the best the company has made this year!

Now, I am a bit bias here I have to say. I wanted the move to happen for personal reasons. My DVR is recording constantly on Mondays, so I'm unable to record both RAW and iMPACT, which makes me choose to record one or the other.

I already have the DVR set for RAW and have been watching iMPACT online. Now, I won't have to as it will be back on Thursday nights. Also, it's another wrestling night, which I LOVE.

I don't see why they should kill the live element though. They should keep that going on every Thursday night. Sure, it's not Monday against WWE RAW, but there is no reason to give us shows taped all in three days after PPVs and the spoilers come out very early.

Also, why not experiment?

No, I'm not saying pull an Orlando Jordan, I'm saying do some risky things that won't hurt you at all. Something like, I don't know, putting some young guys in the main event, elevating them if you will.

Slowly start to eliminate the old, tired, good-for-nothing-but-taking-money-from-your-wallet wrestling veterans off TV.

This will start to get them off TV like the guys in the IWC, and well, most of the other fans want as well.

What's so funny is that TNA, for a long time, had been missing something that I feel they should pay attention to.

The only people watching iMPACT are big wrestling fans. No one just hears of TNA and doesn't know about the WWE, and has been a big wrestling fan already because of World Wrestling Entertainment or World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

TNA is basically watched by hardcore fans, not your run of the mill average watcher of wrestling. Most of them are WWE viewers.

This means that people online, such as myself, should be listened to.

I'm not trying to boost my own ego nor am saying I should run TNA, even though I think I could do a better job sometimes. I'm saying that you should look at the numbers, the people watching TNA are not sole TNA fans, most were WWE and/or WCW fans first and wanted to watch more wrestling.

So, it's a good thing that Dixie Carter is on Twitter and is listening to fans more and more online. Also, the addition of the new ranking system is good too because it gives fans another thing to show what they want on TV. And that's all that matters, what the fans want.

Unless you ask something about the six-sided ring, in which Hogan said to get over it, it'll never be seen again.

But all in all, to be fair, TNA does seem to be trying to listen to fans, which is something they've really "just" started.

Maybe they'll give us what we finally want to see, the old guys off of TV or at least out of the ring as often as possible.

But, there is a lot they can experiment with to make their product better. By this time next year, they may be good enough to try to contend with the WWE again.

Like I've said many times TNA, I just want you to impress me. This is a start, lets see if we can continue my new found happiness with you.

Some are going to call this a failure on TNA's part, but a failure is a learning experience from what I have seen. So, maybe TNA learned from this.