Homage to Slippery Rock: Northeastern Is No. 1

Bleacher Report Senior Analyst INovember 19, 2007

http://www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette/2002/10.24/photos/07-football2-450.jpgThe Northeastern Huskies are the No. 1 team in the land.

Forget the fact that the Huskies are 3-8, and that they play in NCAA's FCS (formerly DI-AA).

The Huskies are the No. 1 team in ALL of college football—and I can prove it.

I can prove it just like a sportswriter in 1936 proved that Slippery Rock University was the best team in the country, Minnesota and Pitt be damned.

The logic went like this:

SRU beat Westminster 14-0, who beat West Virginia Wesleyan 7-6, who beat Duquesne 2-0, who beat Pittsburgh 7-0, who beat Notre Dame 26-0, who beat Northwestern 26-0, who beat Minnesota 6-0.

Since 1936, Slippery Rock has become something of a legend in the college football world. Here's hoping I can do the same for your No. 1 Huskies...

-Northeastern beat New Hampshire 31-13.

-New Hampshire beat Marshall 48-35.    

-Marshall beat East Carolina 26-7.  

-East Carolina beat North Carolina 34-31.    

-North Carolina beat Maryland 16-13.    

-Maryland beat Rutgers 34-24.     

-Rutgers beat South Florida 30-27.    

-South Florida beat West Virginia 21-13.    

-West Virginia beat Mississippi State 38-31.    

-Mississippi State beat Kentucky 34-14.    

-Kentucky beat LSU 43-37.

Therefore, Northeastern University is better than LSU, the current No. 1 team...in a twisted "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" kind of way.

Don't feel bad if you don't know much about college football's new top team—I'll fill you in.

Northeastern is located in Boston, which means you can add the Huskies to the growing list of top-notch Beantown teams. The private institution was founded in 1898, and is now home to roughly 15,000 undergrads.

The Huskies compete in the Colonial Athletic Association, which also includes schools like Delaware, James Madison, Towson, and William & Mary.

Northeastern home football games can be seen at Parsons Field, which seats up to 7,000 fans.

Notable Northeastern alumni include Shawn Fanning (founder of Napster), John O. Pastore (former Governor of Rhode Island), Michelle Bonnor (of ESPN), Jennifer Toof (VH1 personality "Toastee"), Carlos Pena (MLB player), and Fernie Flaman (NHL Hall-of-Famer).  

So congrats Huskies—enjoy the view from the top.

For more info on the legendary 1936 article, visit Slippery Rock's website.