TNA IMPACT! Review: Monday April 26th

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIJanuary 15, 2017

Seg 1) Hogan/RVD/Styles Promo

Very good opening segment - addressed the main issues in TNA right now. Great mic work from everybody. Hell, this was even one of Hogan's better promo's. The TNA fans are really into RVD as champ. BTW, what the hell was Hogan doing in the background? As soon as RVD came out, he should have left the ring.

Seg Rating: 3.5/5


Seg 2) 3-Way Knockouts Title Match: Rayne vs Love vs Tara

A poor match by TNA's knockout division's high standards. The Knockout Division really hasn't been the same since Bischoff and Hogan came in.

Seg Rating: 2/5


Seg 3) X Division Title Match : Moore vs Kazarian

This match was way below my expectations. It was given a really poor amount of time. As I said last week, give the X division their own show during iMPACT's Thursday night  time-slot.

Seg Rating: 2.5/5


Seg 4) Jarrett & Hardy vs Styles & Sting

This match was a perfect example of how TNA can sometimes make a mess of some really easy things. They assigned two referee's to the match and when one doesn't see two seperate tags, the other (who saw at least one) does nothing. Later on in the night, Hebner restarts a match because he see's Brass Knuckles fall from Flair and just presumes that he used them. Surely, one could presume that Jarrett tagged Hardy?

Anyway, an average match at best. It was a real pity that Hardy didn't do that high spot - it would have been amazing.

Seg Rating: 2.5/5


Seg 5) Pope/Anderson Promo's

This was a really good segment. I bet WWE are kicking themselves for letting these two go! Some great mic work from both men. Fans were really into both of them. Can't wait to see them square off in the ring together. BTW, did Pope call Anderson Kennedy?

Seg Rating: 4/5


Seg 6) Team 3D vs Morgan & Neal

A nice backstage attack before this 'match.' This was a real crock of a match. More like three different angles put together. We go to commercial as everybody is fighting. As we come back, Neal and 3D are in the ring. Where did the band go? Neal calls out Morgan and gets squashed. This was a terrible piece of programming and just stupid and confusing.

Seg Rating(For the match): 0.5/5


Seg 7) Abyss vs Flair. Ring vs Ring

First of all, Flairs matches are becoming worse than the 'Saw' movies with all the blood. There is no way Flair should have to bleed like that at his age(whether its blading or accidental). There's a reason why WWE had Flair retire - he can't wrestle anymore. It was a sloppy match from start to finish. Ric, hang up the boots again before you make a mockery of The Nature Boy's legacy.

Seg Rating: 2/5


Final Thoughts:

A very poor iMPACT tonight. There were two standout segments. The opening one and the Pope/Anderson promo -which I think was better. There was also some truly horrible stuff aswell. The main event was sloppy and poor and the Tag Tile match was a confusing and idiotic angle. Oh yeah, after weeks of build up, Erics ranking system is more or less explained in 30 seconds. After a good show last week, this was terrible. I hope TNA isn't just putting all teir effort into the live shows.

Final Rating: 2/5