Randon Thoughts On: Mayweather - Mosley

Eddie FantiniCorrespondent IMay 3, 2010

This is NOT meant to be a celebration of Floyd's victory. Most of you know that I don't dislike Mayweather, I admire his talent and don't care about pre-fight antics. But I like Mosley also. That being said, I want to share with you some thoughts that were on my mind immediately after the fight:


BORING??? It was everything BUT boring. This fight had it all: excitement, drama, skills, heart, surprise. So everybody who has the nerves to say this fight was "another boring decision, another dull fight" is a hater AND/OR hasn't seen the fight yet.

TURNING POINT: Shane tested Floyd's chin and recovery: that was the x-factor of the fight. Nobody knew how good Floyd's chin was. His chin is very good, but even more impressing than that was the fact that in the last 20 second of THAT second round, Floyd was punching hard Mosley. In the third, Money fully recovered and you had Mosley sometimes against the ropes.

NO HOLDS BARRED: Both fighters had to give 100%. That's why this fight is so great: you saw the best of Floyd Mayweather and the best of Shane Mosley

EXCUSES: Haters will say Mosley was too old, had stamina issues. I don't think so. A time machine wouldn't have helped him. He LOOKED tired, but the main thing is that he was DISCOURAGED. That brings me to point 5.

SHOCK: As we were shocked Floyd was in trouble, Mosley was shocked about a fighter (who he thought as a defensive) who kept coming after him. Just look at his face everytime he had to go back to Nazeem Richardson. After the third round, he was concerned. Near the end, he knew he had just "a prayer in the world". His gameplan was adapted to the classic Floyd Mayweather. Instead, this time Money fought like Wright (the fighter who beated Mosley soundly twice). That surprised Mosley, who couldn't figure out how to solve the NEW puzzle.

HEART: Floyd's heart has always been questioned, but he showed a tremendous amount of it by doing what he has done, but most importantly, by winning THAT way. Standing toe to toe, not backpedalling, showing his willingness to confront directly the other fighter although everybody thought he would have never done that. Mayweather simply didn't care about Mosley being stronger, bigger, taller, etc. He was on a mission.

MISSED KOs: They say "Mosley left Mayweather off the hook". I say "Mayweather left Mosley off the hook". Just watch the 10th round again, and you'll know what I mean. Difference is, Mosley did it "unconciously", Floyd CHOSE to dont' KO Mosley, in my opinion. Mosley probably knows that

SKILLS: At the end of the day, unless a fighter has a remarkable physical advantage on the other fighter, skills make the difference, along with ability to adjust and adapt.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL FIGHTER: as it turned out, what Floyd proved to be is what Shane isn't.

NAZ RICHARDSON: I still think Naz Richardson is an elite trainer. A great trainer is not always is measured by how his fighter performs. He studied the perfect way to cause Floyd some problems, but it was Mosley who didn't execute. He had to prepare Shane physically and mentally for the fight, and he did the best he could. Can't put any blame on this guy.

PREDICTIONS: one of the features a great trainer should have is the ability of envisioning what probably will happen in the ring. I heard a various range of predictions, but I'll report those two as the most accurate.
Emanuel Steward: "I think the intensity and the challenge that Shane brings into this fight is going to make Floyd Mayweather show his greatness or he could totally be dominated and look very inferior. He won’t be anywhere in between, he’ll go to one extreme or the other....

.... I just think that this is going to be maybe one of the best fights in a long time but I think this is the fight that will make Floyd Mayweather show his greatness or show his weakness—because he won’t be in between. He must fight in this fight.”

"… People that aren't Mayweather fans consider him to be a pure punk. They consider him to be an outright coward. He’s a talented coward is the way they see it. .. and I disagree with that. I think this kid could rumble. I think this kid will stand in there and rumble a little bit…

My impression of the fight … Shane’s going to come out and hit Floyd in the mouth and Floyd is going to sprout a tail, grow wings, draw fans and claws and turn into a dragon in the ring… and start spitting fireballs. .. and I’m tell Shane, use lateral motion to get away from the fireballs, slide up under him, step on his tail and punch him in the stomach because we still not going to lose because he turned into a dragon." - Nazim Richardson (24/7 Episode 2)

Both trainers saw it coming. Both knew what whould've happened. I'm not saying Richardson is as good as Steward (in my opinion the greatest trainer of all time), but Brother Nazeem is clearly above average (see Roach in that average group, IMHO).

POWER: Mayweather's power is underrated. That's what made Shane so hesitant to throw his combos.



  • After the final bell rang, Floyd and Shane talked like good friends for 20 seconds. I LOVED THAT.
  • It took too much time for Mayweather to leave the dressing room. I watched all the fights, so I tuned up at 2.39 AM (Italian time), and waiting 30 minutes at 5 AM for the pageantry (after staying up all night) sucks. It really sucked. By the way, the "circus theme" was a nice idea. Very original.
  • At the beginning of the fight the crowd was chanting "Mosley Mosley", then near the end they all chanted "Floyd Floyd". It was Rocky 4 all over again...

So many stars, meaning that it was already perceived to be a great fight.
- UNDERCARD: Certainly a better undercard than Pacquiao - Clottey (the whole card was pathetic). I couldn't watch Salvidia vs Oualì. Ponce De Leon and Cornelius Locke looked both average at best.
What surprised me was the young Saul Canelo Alvarez. Much like Floyd, he was battered early and somebody thought a KO for Cotto was coming. But he regrouped and stopped Cotto via TKO later.
The Mexican displayed very good skills, he's only 19 yrs old and under the tutelage of a good tecnician he could be a champion sooner. Good ring generalship, good defense, very good offense. Sometimes he lunges on his punches, but I understand that's how mexican fighter fight. He is a promising young star, complete fighter with a good ring IQ. He will make headlines in the near future, IMHO.

PS: I am not English / Australian / American. So I don't speak English as my mother language, as you might have noticed. I did my best. Enjoy, feel free to discuss about everything related to the fight.

PLEASE: don't make it another "Pacquiao fans vs Mayweather fans" war. Try to express your opinions in a "non aggressive way". Thank you very much,