Mayweather Impressively Beats The Ghost Of Mosley...

Joseph CroasdaileContributor IMay 3, 2010

LAS VEGAS - MAY 01:  (R-L) Floyd Mayweather Jr. throws a right to the head of Shane Mosley during the welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

First off I want to say Floyd Mayweather fought an amazing fight on May 1st and showed me what I have wanted to see from him.  I have been a critic of Floyd’s as I have expected the best from him and simply put he delivered the goods, but on the other hand Mosley proved what I have suspected of him all along.  Simply put Mosley was overrated and a ghost of a fighter.

I know Mayweather fans would like to ignore facts and I mean multiple ones as there are plenty when to consider why Mosley was overrated / ready to retire, but these are the same people who will discredit any Pacquiao opponent at the drop of a hat…  so I would tell them all to look at a dictionary and flip to the word Hypocrite.

I will layout 4 factors why I feel Mosley was overhyped and don’t give Mayweather full credit for beating a great / elite fighter at the top of his game.

Father Time…
Mosley is 39 and has been boxing since he was 5.  This doesn’t mean he can’t put up a good fight, but he is not in top shape and his skills are diminished.

His belt and ranking…
Before Mosley beat Margarito, his previous 2 fights were less than spectacular barely beating a tired old Mayorga and losing to Miguel Cottto.  The fact is that he beat the known cheater Margarito and his ranking / belt were suspect since nobody knows how long he was cheating…  thus Mosley being ranked the #1 Welterweight based on this fight I find highly questionable.

No Title Defense / Inactivity…
If Mosley was the man and if Margarito was a true challenge then Mosley would have defended his belt, but this was not the case. Mosley’s last fight was over 15 months ago allowing for plenty of rust to build up and this combined with his age is not good for any boxer.

2 Training camps…
Unlike a well-rested Mayweather, Mosley had 2 training camps (or 1 really long one if people was to quibble about this) and this plus his age took a toll on his body.

Saying this it doesn’t take away from Mayweather performance which was very impressive and washed out the bad taste from my mouth that was left by Mayweather / JMM.  Still… it takes two great fighters to produce an amazing fight and I don’t think anyone would say Molsey showed up other than the 2nd round.

I know Mayweather fans will say it is all because of Floyd and that is fine, but what Mosley did was on par with what Clottey did against Pacquiao.  It was pathetic and I expected more from Mosley than what he delivered which was nothing.  He barely put forth any effort and half the fight was posing / flinching like he was going to punch…  but never did.

Fact is Mayweather beat a tired old diminished fighter who was great once upon a time very much like Pacquaio decimated the ghost of DLH.  I was expecting a fight the likes of Mayweather vs Hatton, but what we got was a tired old man who put up little to no fight.

The only way to argue my stance and this article would be to counter that Mosley was an elite fighter at the top of his game.  If I were to entertain this argument the following would have to be said... Mosley did not take a beating by Mayweather so logic would dictate that Shane could go on to fight another top ranked / elite fighter and beat them convincingly.  Does anyone believe this?  No… if someone does then they are delusional.

Mosley was a diminished ghost of his former self and overrated...