Santos Win the São Paulo Championship: Cheers for Ganso and Neymar

Sammy BalContributor IIMay 3, 2010

Santos lifted their 18th São Paulo state championship on Sunday after beating Santo Andre 3-2 in the return leg of the state finals

Santos won the final with an aggregate score of 5-5 and the advantage of having the best record of the competition.

Santo Andre showed they deserved to be in the final netting three times versus the Santos super-squad as they went after their improbable dream of winning by a two-goal margin in the return leg.

However, despite having three players ejected from the match, Santos managed to fend off Santo Andre's offensive assault and guarantee their state title.

Santo Andre came close to grabbing a late winner as Rodriguinho blasted a ball that slammed off the goalpost, giving the home crowd a scare. However, Santos would eventually hold on to win the title.

Wonder-kid Neymar hopes that his two-goal performance in the final, 14 goals in 17 matches, and the title will help to put his name on Brazil's World Cup list.

Paulo Henrique Ganso was impeccable as usual, and showed great maturity in running down the clock in the second half as he appeared in every sector of the field plus assisting in both Santos goals in the final.

Robinho struggled to keep up at times with the level of the match and lost the ball on many occasions. One such loss of possession led to a Santo Andre counter attack and goal.

Robinho did, however, play a role in both goals and seemed well synchronized with Ganso and Neymar most of the time.

Brazilian top dog, Dunga, will make the official announcement of his selected players on May 11 as the land of football go after their sixth title in South Africa, and the unique opportunity to have won the World Cup in every continent on earth.