Brawl in The Hall: Ultimate Wrestling's Champion Deathrow Main Events

Brandon HamblenAnalyst IMay 2, 2010



May 1, 2010 marked return of Ultimate Wrestling to Pensacola, Florida for their monthly show and this one was aptly named the Brawl In the Hall.

Pure Doug Pitt versus Suicydal Soulja

The opening bout pitted two of the fan's favorites against each other when Pure Doug Pitt squared off against Suicydal Soulja in a battle of contrasting styles.

Pure Doug Pitt used his superior mat skills to gain an early advantage, while Suicydal Soulja countered him with his tremendous speed and athleticism as the battle went back and forth between the two.

As the match entered the eleventh hour, or fourteenth minute as it were, Soulja began to take control landing an adrenaline stimulating 450 splash from the top rope. But to his credit, Pitt was able to kick out before the three.

Determined to win the match despite only seconds remaining, Soulja climbed the ropes again and landed yet another picture perfect 450 splash, this time with a corkscrew twist added but the fifteen minute time limit had expired before the referee could make the three count. The match ended as a time limit draw and with the crowd chanting, "Let them fight!"

Lenny Scootermeyer versus The Evolution Robyn Golphin (C)

*Ultimate Wrestling Cruiserweight Title Match*

Scootermeyer used his size advantage to gain an early edge on the Champ and gave him some trouble early with his strength advantage but the Evolution landed a nasty enziguri right to the back of Scootermeyers head. Golphin was able to get the pin fall victory following the enziguri and retain his Ultimate Wrestling Cruiserweight belt.

"The Feature" hosted by X Factor Champion, Carlos D'Angelo

X Factor Champion Carlos D'Angelo was giving the results of the Number One Contenders Match between Brutal Joe Gibson and Black Wolf for his title held two weeks earlier at the Milton Massacre when Brutal Joe Gibson interrupted.

Brutal Joe was demanding that D'Angelo give him the title shot even though the #1 contender match ended in a double count out, when Black Wolf came down to the ring to confront both Brutal Joe and D'Angelo.

Before things turned violent, the Champ had a proposal for Brutal Joe and Black Wolf, a three way match. Black Wolf responded with a howl as one might expect but Brutal Joe wasn't as thrilled, nevertheless he headed backstage to prepare for his match.

Happy Birthday from the Soulja

With the first hour of the show winding down, Ultimate Wrestling CEO Alexander Hearse III came to ringside to announce he had a surprise for a certain young fan and quickly disappeared back stage. When he returned, he was accompanied by the young fan's favorite grappler Suicydal Soulja, who gave the youngster a high-five (one for each year) and an official Ultimate Wrestling t-shirt.

Mr. Electricity Jerry Reiner and Bruiserweight Maze


Amish Assassin and Party Gras Justin Stone

In a match up of dissemblance, chaos reigned as Reiner and Maze struggled to find a chemistry between the two. After several missed opportunities, the Amish Assassin scored a big splash and pin fall over Maze as a detested Jerry Reiner looked on.

With Mr. Electricity and the Assassin back stage, Justin Stone stuck around until Maze gathered his wits and came to. Stone reminded Maze about his former greatness and offered to help him get it back. He even gave the Bruiserweight his party beads to help him out.

While trying to teach him how to party, Maze found a new use for those beads and choked Party Gras out with them.

Master of Devastation Cameron Frost versus Mr. Marcus Gibbs

The Master of Devastation went right after Gibbs from the beginning of what proved to be an intriguing match. The two countered move after move in a back and forth battle of differing convictions. The smaller Gibbs tried to increase the pace while, Frost used high impact maneuvers and wear down holds to ground the quicker Gibbs. In the end, Frost was able to finally over power Gibbs and land a moonsault splash for the one, two and three.

After the match, Mr. Marcus offered up a handshake as a sign of respect to the Master of Devastation and explained to the fans that Frost had earned his respect unlike them and he didn't care what they thought anyways.

With the crowd screaming, "Don't do it," the Master of Devastation accepted the handshake and to the audiences surprise, Gibbs didn't cross Frost.

Three Way Match for the X Factor Title

Brutal Joe Gibson versus Black Wolf versus Carlos D'Angelo (C)

The impetus of a three way match changes as often as a winter wind and with the constant swings in momentum no one really had control of this match for a sustained amount of time.

The three combatants took turns pounding one another until Brutal Joe was able to gain control for good. After tossing the Champ out of the ring, Brutal Joe focused his battery on Black Wolf setting him on the top rope for a crucifix power slam. After landing the thunderous slam, with D'Angelo still outside the ring, Brutal Joe was able to easily get the three count before Carlos could get back in to break up the pin fall.

As Joe was celebrating his victory, taunting a fan with whom he had some friction earlier, the fan had said or done something that provoked Joe to invite the fan in the ring. Once the fan entered the ring, Joe wasted no time trying to intimidate the man slapping him across the face.

Not to be intimidated, the man fired a right to Joe's head and staggered him right into the waiting arms of the Black Wolf who delivered a unique STO which left Brutal Joe out in the center of the ring and his legions of fans howling!

With the ring cleared following a brief intermission, a somber Carlos D'Angelo returned to the ring to apologize to his fans for booking the three way match saying it was a regrettable mistake and he will make one more company shattering announcement before the end of the show.

Brian Caige versus BTY Colby Godwin

Brian Caige came to the ring first to address the crowd's over appreciation of BTY and its unjust disparagement of him. He claimed while Godwin took seven years to get his shot with Ring of Honor, it took him seven minutes to launch a streak that would propel him to superstardom, reminding the crowd the BTY means better than you but not him.

Having heard enough, BTY heads down to ringside and backs Caige right up into a corner. The referee separates the two and the match gets under way. Right from the initial bell it was obvious BTY was tenacious, not letting Caige get a moment of reprieve.

Caige however, is crafty and used BTY's rage against him, ringing his throat across the top ropes, thus gaining the momentum, albeit briefly.

After Godwin turned the tides back in his favor he began the savage bloodthirsty beating once again much to the delight of the crowd who began the infamous, "Make him bleed," and "We want blood," chants.

The Story of the Year, realizing that it just wasn't his night, hightailed it backstage, not to return, giving BTY Colby Godwin the victory by count out.

The act of cowardice further infuriated an already incensed Colby Godwin who grabbed a mic and said before he leaves for Ring of Honor, he would use his pull with management to get a no disqualification, no count out match in two weeks at May-Hem.

Main Event for the Ultimate Wrestling World Heavyweight Title

Deathrow (C) versus Mr. USA TA Jones

Prior to his match with Mr. USA Ultimate Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Deathrow, came to the ring to address the Ultimate roster citing his displeasure with everyone. He was upset that no one came to the ring to celebrate his championship victory and thusly declared war on the entire roster.

TA had a good game plan, attacking the Champion's arm, hoping to weaken the limb so Deathrow couldn't deliver those power maneuvers he is known for.

Deathrow's animus was focused on the leg on Mr. USA hoping to slow him down.

For much of the match Deathrow dominated TA with his size and strength but TA weathered the storm. Mr. USA, who survived several high impact maneuvers from the monster Deathrow was building some momentum with a few flying shoulder blocks as he was trying to pick up the pace to get Deathrow out of his comfort zone.

TA went to the well one too many times and Deathrow caught TA with a monster boot to the face, enabling him to score yet another successful title defense.

As Deathrow was reminding the crowd who was the champion, Carlos D'Angelo came back to ring side as he had promised earlier.

D'Angelo let Deathrow and the crowd know that he can forfeit his X Factor rematch to become the number one contender for the Ultimate Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship and the match would take place June 5th at Out Of Control, right here in Pensacola, Florida.

Ultimate Wrestling produces two shows per month, the first Saturday of the month in Pensacola, Florida and the third Saturday of the month in Milton, Florida. You can find more information about Ultimate Wrestling at their website: