Reporting On Minicamp Interview with Browns Rookie Lineman Shawn Lauvao

J GatskieCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2017

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images


On April 23rd Shawn Lauvao was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the NFL draft. On April 30th he attended his first rookie minicamp with fellow rookies Joe Haden, Montario Hardesty, Colt McCoy, Carlton Mitchell, Clifton Geathers, and T.J.Ward, and on May 1st he gave his first open interview as a member of the Browns.

The Browns have made this interview available and it contained a lot of interesting information. The interviewers are unknown and the video is available on the Cleveland Browns web site.

Shawn Lauvao was the third round pick from Arizona State in the 2010 NFL draft. Lauvao played left tackle in college and projects as a road mauler of a guard in the NFL. He was selected with the 92nd selection, or the one obtained from the New York Jets in the Braylon Edwards trade.

Shawn was born in Hawaii and has three siblings. His parents both work for the Hawaii Department of Corrections. 

He earned Second Team All Pac 10 at left tackle as a senior and started all eleven games. Shawn served as a team captain and helped reduce the amount of sacks allowed from 34 to 27 in one year. 

On Saturday May 1st, Shawn gave an open interview at the Cleveland Browns rookie minicamp and revealed a lot of fascinating personal information.

At this point the information to be provided is from the interview released by the Browns and all questions were asked by unknown reporters at the interview session.

Lauvao stressed over and over again that being drafted by the Browns was a dream come true. When asked about his goals for the year, he gave the standard rookie answer; that he wanted to make the team and help the team however he could.

No matter how they phrased the question, he stuck to the standards, but then he slowly started to reveal his true nature.

Shawn said "getting to know the guys was a blast" and that he was really nervous but excited also.

When they asked about Lauvao's education. he brightened considerably and confessed that he had a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and was 6-9 credits short of a Masters degree with a concentration in sociology and education.

When pressed about what he would do with his degree, he replied that he would either like to teach, coach, or become a GA. 

The questioning became more football specific and Lauvao stated that the Browns told him they wanted him to become a guard. Over and over again the interviewers asked if that meant right guard and Lauvao answered every time, both spots.

He stated that the coaches wanted him to master the playbook, and that the biggest difference between college and the pros so far was the terminology and the need to communicate amongst all members of the line.

Specifically, Coach Hopson emphasized better reactions and less smashmouth. He also said Shawn needed better knee bend and more work on leverage. 

The conversation naturally turned to weightlifting and Lauvao revealed that he competed in strong man competitions. He stated that he could bench 500lbs, squat 675 and clean 350. When he was only 16, he placed second in the Hawaii Strong Man Competition. He won the 2005 Hawaii's Strongest Teen Competition.

At the end of the interview, Shawn kind of chuckled in a self deprecating manner and said he really needed to work on the little stuff, but this is his dream and it's been a blessing from God.     

I must say that I watched this interview several times to make sure I got an accurate grasp and Mr. Lauvao comes across as a very well educated, humorous, likable and genuine guy who I would like to have a beer with some day.

I received the following tweet from Browns receiver Carlton Mitchell Sunday afternoon:

"The Browns are the BEST Fans I really appreciate all the love From twitter and facebook and all the way to airport lol. God Bless!"

Mitchell is extremely religious and responded to me after I forwarded him the article I recently wrote for the report. He also seems like a genuinely nice guy.