WWE Over The Limit: Is This a Gimmick Pay-Per View

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IMay 2, 2010

WWE Over The Limit is a New Pay-Per View in the WWE. Nice catchy name, but when you look at the promotional poster for the Pay-Per View it has a Stop-Watch or Clock in the back of it, with Edge going for a Spear, which is a very fast finishing move. Does the clock mean something is the question. WWE has made a couple of Gimmick/Stipulation Pay-Per Views like Elimination Chamber, TLC, Hell in a Cell, Breaking Point (Submission), MITB. This could be a regular pay-per view like Backlash and Judgement Day but it doesn't seem like it. Here's the stipulations I think Over The Limit Pay-Per View is. So the key to this Pay Per View is time.

Stipulations That Might Happen at WWE Over The Limit:

Iron Man Match: 60 Minutes (1-Hour), Whoever gets the most pinfalls and submissions before time is up wins. Also pinfalls count anywhere also.

Championship Scaramble: Match is 20 Minutes; Two wrestlers start the match and every five minutes another wrestler enters until all five participants are present. After the last wrestler enters, there is a five minute time limit. Each time a wrestler scores a pinfall or submission, he becomes the interim or unofficial champion, and such reigns are not recorded as official reigns. Five minutes after the final wrestler enters, the wrestler that scores the last pinfall or submission is declared the winner and the official champion.

Beat the Clock Sprint Tournament: Series of matches with different wrestlers battling to see who can get the fastest time. Maybe however wins the tournament gets a WWE Championship/World Championship Shot of their choosing that night. 4 Superstars from RAW and 4 from SmackDown should be in the Tournament and whoever gets the fastest time could choose the World Champion of their choosing that night.

"I Quit" Match: Make your opponent say the two words "I Quit" and its going to be over the limit to get him to say that

So which one do you think it's going to be, Main-Events in an Iron-Man Match, or Championship Scramble w/5 Superstars, Beat the Clock Sprint Tournament or "I Quit" Match.

Which Match Concept Fits the Pay-Per View:

It's your decision

 So Which Match Stipulation will make WWE Over The Limit, truly Over The Limit.

Remember that PPV, Over The Edge, R.I.P. Owen Hart