A Real Article:Which IS The More Dominant Show?

John GarzaContributor IApril 7, 2017

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Man both of these links are awesome!

Back to the actual article. I'm gonna go back to my last subject...which is the more dominant show?It was a very short article.Anyways,here is the great debate(i am so clever)of which IS the most dominant show.

Monday night raw:It has...well,its been,Um?So horrible that id rather watch golf?Seriously,it has been very lackluster as of late.It looks like its about to change but that doesn't mean it will.John Morrison & r-truth make for bad television but John Morrison VS R- Truth makes for great television.

Sadly,that will never happen because Vince doesnt listen to the fans.He listens to a bunch of 35 year old men who are writing for a bad sitcom,not the flagship show of the WWE.I rate it -.000000000001./10000.

Friday night smackdown:Ah,my favorite of the three. Its characters and raw talent are the best in the WWE. Except for ya,know.rKo.In actuality its a great show,i reccomend it to all my readers.It has so many great talents that include the ayatollah of rock'n rolla,the rated-r superstar and of course captain charisma.I rate it "made of pure awesomeness".

Monday night impact!:Well.The most horrible of the three.I like this show only because i dont get stuck on the hulkster ands the horrible things hes doing.It is avery lackluster show that needs to make some serious changes or else a lot of people will be jobless.I rate it "Has potential".

So,what do ya think?Should charlie stop following the pink and blue unicorns?

Will rick astley make a comeback?

Is Raw,Smackdown,or impact the better show?Of course in the end it comes down to your own opinion.This is your favorite writer sighning off.Whatever that means.