Is "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels Really Done With TNA Wrestling?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 2, 2010

People have been asking for the past month why Christopher Daniels' bio is STILL up on when he left the company for ROH last month. It was the biggest surprise in pro-wrestling for some time, as no one saw it coming.

Daniels apparently did not have a no compete clause in his contract, so he pulled a big one over on TNA by leaving for ROH. In fact, some of the talent watching ROH's Big Bang PPV, the event in which Daniels surprisingly appeared, were just as surprised as anyone else at the event or watching at home, as most of TNA's talent had no clue he had left.

However, TNA doesn't want to give up without a fight. This is why his bio is still on the site. They didn't want to take it down because they felt they could get him back in the company.

In his last deal with the company, he had a guaranteed money deal, which meant that he'd get paid whether he wrestled or not. They were starting to push him as one of their top stars during the time the deal was signed, however once they started bringing in old, tired, loser, good for nothing, shell of the wrestler they once were talents and pushing him aside for them, he fell down to mid-card status.

This is why he couldn't wait to get out of the company. While he was making guaranteed money there, he wasn't getting anywhere. And get this: when they offered him another deal, they were going to give him a paid per-appearance deal.

This means that, well, he'd get paid only if he wrestled. It would be the same as getting paid on the Indy circuit except he couldn't go anywhere he wanted, only where TNA allowed.

So, you can see why Daniels went back to Ring of Honor right?

However, TNA has stayed persistent. They are still offering him that per-appearance deal, which is why the bio has yet to come down from the site.

According to sources, there was an almost unanimously negative reaction within the company and among the top wrestlers to him being let go.

They obviously want Daniels back in the company, but they offer him this piece of crap worth of a deal?

Daniels, don't take it. You're so much better than that. They don't even offer you guaranteed cash? Heck, the guys barely getting TV time in the WWE right now make guaranteed cash.

Not saying to go to the WWE, but man, ROH is a far better place right now than TNA, heck Dragon's Gate is better than that crap hole right now with Hogan and Bischoff running it into the ground.

Will someone please call a doctor to help get rid of those two viruses in TNA?


partial source: the wrestling observer