My Super Plan To Get Matt Hardy On The Main Event Scene

The Comedian SteVen StrangeloveContributor IMay 2, 2010

Hi Hi Reader, I hope you're well. What are you doing right now? Like really right now? Are you surfing the internet to check your email and your other social networking endeavours? Are you surfing the internet with a your one eye looking at the door lest someone enter seeing you doing some nefarious deed or else doing something highly inappropriate. But who cares about that? No one really so I wish you well in your WWW surfing adventures. 

If you're reading this then that means you've come here to read about my super plan to get Matt Hardy in the main event scene. Wait. 

Someone in the back: Matt Hardy can't main event, he doesn't deserve to be champion.

Comedian: The hell you talking about? He's like one world championship away from like a grand slam or something.

Someone in the back: I don't care what you say Matt Hardy is a gelatinous slob.

Comedian: Really? Then How's this!!! 

(Brief Scuffle) 

Ok then, now that that's over and done with let's get to my point. Matt Hardy deserves to be in the main event scene. Like seriously people are like, "he sucks" and how he's fat. the hell you talking bout people? He's not fat! Bubba Love Sponge is fat. Big Daddy V is fat. Team 3-D is fat. Matt Hardy? He's getting bulked for the main event. And also because of an injury but away from that.

Ok now considering that the best ever gimmick of his was Matt Hardy V1 and we've always liked his "Never Say Die" one, I have a master Gimmick for you. But first you have to watch this. His titantron for his V1 thing.

Ok then have you watched it? Not yet? Ok i'll wait





Ok finished? Good. 

See how awesome his video was? See how awesome he was there? That's how good he was and people are blind to think that he's not deserving of a championship because he has done everything, jump off ladders, cages, the stage to win over the crowd which he has done. 

I think he deserves a championship run with the WHC or the WWE one. Come on!!! Great Khali had one and he spent like what? 2 years wrestling? Come on!!!Matt's been doing this his whole life!!!

Ok right now Matt isn't Championship material. But I have a solution.

Read for it? ok then...

here it comes...

...wait for it...

...Matt Hardy...


Imagine it. He goes away for a couple of months. Then he comes back but his entrance goes back to the V1 thing with those Matt Hardy fun facts thing that mimicked like a website, except this time it's V2. And Justin Gabriel can be his Mattitude follower!!! 

So it's a win win for everyone.

Thanks for reading.