The Plight of the WWE's Dying Tag Team Division

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJune 14, 2016

Here's a sad, pathetic fact about the WWE Tag Team Division: There are only three official tag teams in the entire WWE. The Hart Dynasty, The Dudebusters, and The Straight-Edge Society.

With only three teams, I fear that the division is on the brink of extinction. The WWE unified the tag team belts not to add prestige to the titles but because there are not enough tag teams around to wrestle for belts.

Let's compare the Tag Team Division to, let's say, the Tag Team Division in 1999. In 1999 there were about 18 tag teams.

You had The Corporation, The Ministry, The Union, The Corporate Ministry, Acolytes, The Brood, Edge & Christian, New Age Outlaws, The Dudley Boyz, Owen & Jarrett, Kane & XPac, Holly Cousins, Rock 'n' Sock Connection, Al Snow & Mankind, Hardy Boyz, Mean Street Posse, Headbangers, and Too Much.

So 18 teams means that there will be countless matchups that would last for a few years if the feuds are at a reasonable length. With that many teams you would not see duos facing each other hundreds of times like the The Hart Dynasty and Cryme Time (for better or worse, Cryme Time recently split up).

Vince McMahon seems to think that tag teams cannot be a financial asset to the company. With only three teams, they certainly will not be a financial asset to the company, but if Raw and SmackDown both get about 10 teams who can perform exceptionally well in the ring, they can be both popular and a financial asset once again.

The WWE seems to have lost faith in the Tag Team Division to the point where I would not be surprised if it let Team Lay-Cool and The Bella Twins compete for the unified tag team belts. McMahon and Co. could even have Hornswoggle and Finlay be a tag team again if things get that bleak.

If things continue at this rate, though, I predict that in the near future the unified tag team belts will be retired and the Tag Team Division will be no more. The only time we would see tag team action would be main event guys just teaming up every once in a while or if the WWE had a tag team PPV to move along any main-event feuds.

These are certainly dark times for the division! Let's all hope that the WWE will open its eyes and bring the Tag Team Division back to its glory days...which we all know will not happen. The Tag Team Division will bite the dust sooner or later.