Tottenham vs Manchester City: Could It Get Any More Storybook?

Jordan HughesContributor IMay 2, 2010


It was obvious coming into these last few weeks that City and Spurs would give it a go.

It was less obvious, however, that this game was going to be THE deciding match for the fourth spot. 

While both clubs have a game left to play after Wednesday, it will be almost certain (unless Spurs lose) who will take fourth.

As it looks now, Villa are out of the picture.

With one game to go they stand no chance of catching that desired place.

A win for Manchester City and it puts the last game into perspective, but a win for Spurs and it will put to bed.

Sitting on 67 points with City lurking around Spurs shoulder at 66, Tottenham can seal the deal.

Throw out the past.

Forget the two-point deficit to Arsenal in 05-06!

Forget the game against City earlier this season!

It's true when Tottenham think of the past, that is all they do, think. To dwell on it would be, well, rather painful.

Spurs must instead think of the future; think of what they have worked so hard to achieve.

My claim is the same—you cannot buy success.

It is a heated debate and perhaps Manchester will prove me wrong.

Lucky for them it is a home game and the City fans can be ruthless (though thankfully less smug than United supporters).

What Tottenham must do is no extraordinary feat, they have done it all year: persevere.

From the injuries, to the slip ups (the double to Stoke), to the reconciliations (Super Pav), the team has managed to keep it together whilst maintaining a winning attitude.

At times throughout the course of the season I have seen City play brilliant football. Adam Johnson has been a game-changer ever since breaking into the squad.

On the other hand, I have seen them bottle up. Look timid and afraid.

Pardon me for saying it, but is Adebayor no longer the player he once was?

Save for Carlos Tevez and Johnson, and the on-again, off-again Craig Bellamy, the City squad does not match up to Spurs.

Gomes vs. The Queen's Medical Centre Outpatients. Enough said. I won't add insult to injury!

In central defense, the in-form award has to go to Daws and Ledley. They have given teams a torrid time of breaking through, whilst Kolo Toure looks a step behind from his days at Arsenal.

And whomever partners him is a mystery!

Be it Lescott or Kompany or Onuoha, or maybe even Micah Richards, depending on how tight Mancini's underwear are fitting him that particular day.

I will give City the RB advantage, though a healthy Corluka is above Zabaleta in my book.

At LB Assou-Ekotto, a.k.a. "The Mercenary," is in decent form—if we forgive him of his recent blunder against Man United. Better form than the bachelor Wayne Bridge at least.

The midfield is where I believe Tottenham can win this game.

Tom Huddlestone.

Need I say more? With a goal like his against Bolton, I see him flying out of the gate from the start ready to gobble up anything through the center.

Partnered with Modric, it becomes one of the most creative partnerships in the EPL.

Not only that, but these two can run circles around (holding back the laughter) the extremely shiny-headed duo of the preferred Vieira and De Jong.

Both are very physical players, but they cannot keep pace with Hudd and Luka.

In the attack I see us starting much the same way as we did today with Pav and Defoe.

Though neither one got on the score sheet today, each one really should have. The chances were many and the ambition is always there.

Simply due to the magnitude of the game, the man I expect to start and to good effect is Aaron Lennon.

It is key to bolster our attack, and he outshines Bentley on his days off.

The thing is, in a game like this, all history goes out the window.

Statistics mean nothing. Predictions should not be attempted.

The emotion will likely show itself throughout; in the way of a few crunching tackles, and hey, maybe even a little scuffle.

To Arsenal and Manchester United, it's the Champions League; to these two, it's a dream.


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