Mayweather Vs. Mosley: Round By Round Live Blog and Results

Nick TylwalkCorrespondent IMay 2, 2010

The biggest boxing match of 2010 will take place tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley are set to face off in a highly anticipated welterweight bout.

Bleacher Report is proud to bring you double coverage of the big event, with updates of the pay-per-view broadcast and our own King J at the arena in person. Refresh often for the latest happenings.

All times are listed by Eastern time.

9:03 - Hector Saldivia (33-1) vs. Said Ouali (26-3)

This is a welterweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds. The HBO crew says Saldivia is the man to watch, and he has new middleweight champion Sergio Martinez supporting him.

9:09 - Crazy first round action. Saldivia scores a knockdown in the first 30 seconds with a big right hook, but Ouali comes back and lands a big hook of his own for a knockdown. Less than a minute later, Ouali scores another knockdown and it's all over.

Winner by TKO at 1:47 of Round 1, Said Ouali

9:14 - Jim Lampley and company are being forced to discuss the main event a bit earlier than they probably anticipated thanks to that quick first undercard fight. Emanuel Steward says Mosley needs to establish his jab, impose his strength and pressure Mayweather as much as possible.

9:16 - For Floyd, Steward thinks he would be best served by keeping the fight at a distance. He also says Mayweather should avoid long exchanges.

9:18 - Daniel Ponce de Leon (38-2) vs. Cornelius Lock (19-4)

This bout is also scheduled for 10 rounds in the featherweight division.

9:23 - Round 1 - Ponce tries to jab as Lock attempts to time him with counters. Both men are landing some nice hooks in close. Ponce de Leon is showing some nice pop with the left hand as Lock tries to settle down behind his jab. Daniel lands a hard left hand that is answered in kind. 

9:27 - Round 2 - Ponce de Leon has a little less pop than his foe but is out-working Lock at this point. He's mixing it up well tot he body and head. Lock isn't getting cheated on some big swings. He tries some jabs as Daniel goes to the body again. Nice exchange sees both men score on the inside. Ponce de Leon is committing to more combinations, and he lands three or four out of five.

9:31 - Round 3 - More jabs coming from Ponce de Leon as he comes forward. He also covers up well when Lock sets his feet to throw back. Lock finally gets in a combo of his own. Daniel is able to step forward and land body shots at nearly any time. Lock hasn't figured out much of an answer for his opponent's jab. Both guys try to punctuate the end of the round, but nothing of serious consequence lands.

9:35 - Round 4 - Lock starts out a bit more active with his jab in this frame. He's still missing with a lot of power shots though. Ponce de Leon has been quieter. He's still outlanding his foe by a fairly wide margin. Daniel clubs Cornelius with short left hands in the closing seconds.

9:39 - Round 5 - Ponce de Leon has a cut near his left eye, but it doesn't seem too bad so far. He's still whacking away to the body with both hands. Lock is getting hit by looping left hands on a fairly consistent basis. Now he has some success with two sharp right hooks. Daniel tries to line up some left hands. They stand and trade before the bell.

9:43 - Round 6 - Harold Lederman has given every round to Ponce de Leon so far. He ducks under Lock's left and goes low with his own shots. Lock still appears to have the faster hands, but he isn't figuring out any ways to make that work for him. Ponce de Leon has stayed with his jab. Lock gets his attention with a nice left hand followed by a right.

9:48 - Round 7 - Lock tries to get more aggressive in the opening 30 seconds, but he doesn't land too much that's flush. Ponce de Leon doesn't get lured into any exchanges and simply goes back to work. Lock circles to his left and the ref breaks up a clinch. Ponce de Leon throws another combination finished off with a left hand upstairs. Lock is scoring with the occasional straight left. He's having his moments, just not enough og them.

9:51 - Round 8 - Ponce de Leon attacks the head and body in the opening minute. He scores with a nice right hook, a punch he hasn't thrown too often. Whatever momentum Lock had seems to have been blunted. He jumps in for a left but can't follow it up, and the fighters clinch. 

9:56 - Round 9 - Lederman still has it a shutout. Both men still have bounce in their legs. Lock doesn't look like he's throwing caution to the wind to try for a KO. He does sneak in a nice right hook, but he eats a left in return. Lock connects with a right hand that catches Ponce de Leon coming in. To his credit, Daniel stays calm. Nothing happens in the final 10 seconds.

9:59 - Round 10 - Lock is stepping it up now but it may be too little too late. He's finally letting both hands go, though he doesn't look to have the power to do anything dramatic. Ponce de Leon seems content to ride out the string and take it to the scorecards.

The judges score it 96-94 twice and 97-93, all for the winner Daniel Ponce de Leon.

10:09 - Saul Alvarez (31-0) vs. Jose Miguel Cotto (31-1-1)

Cotto is the older brother of Miguel Cotto, but hasn't fought nearly the same level of opposition as his more famous sibling. Alvarez is highly regarded and is only 19 years old. Both men weighed in slightly over the welterweight limit of 147 pounds.

10:15 - Round 1 - Cautious start to this one. Cotto shows the first signs of aggression, trying for the body. Nice right hook by Alvarez, but he gets caught and stunned by a left hook. Saul's legs are wobbly. Cotto tries to press his advantage but Alvarez looks like he has his wits back about him. Both men land some shots before the bell.

10:19 - Round 2 - Saul's corner had to reassure the young fighter that he was okay after a scare in the first round. Left hook by Cotto, then one by Alvarez. Cotto has to jump forward, but he's scoring with the occasional left. Alvarez just misses a big uppercut. Now he turns it on with a three-punch combination. A right hand scores for Saul and Cotto's hand touches the mat for a knockdown in the closing seconds of the frame.

10:27 - Round 4 - Alvarez goes right to work with mean right hands. Cotto is still coming forward but is landing just one shot at a time. Saul jabs and hooks with his left hand. Cotto gets nailed with several two-punch combos in close. Alvarez has really grown comfortable as the counter-puncher in this fight. Cotto puts his head down and stays right on top of his foe.

10:31 - Round 5 - Muhammad Ali is in the house tonight. This round starts off slower as Cotto backs off a bit. Saul doesn't really look like he wants to take the lead. As soon as Jose tries to open up, he gets whacked with counters again. Saul scores with a left hook that starts off an exchange. Cotto is stunned in the corner by repeated right hands.

10:35 - Round 6 - Tommy Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard and Oscar De La Hoya are all in attendance tonight as well. Alvarez goes back to countering as Cotto resumes his pressure. Alvarez flips the switch and goes to attack mode, driving his foe back with a variety of different punches. Cotto has to cover up to survive the onslaught. Jose tries to steal things in the closing seconds, but Saul keeps hitting him back.

10:39 - Round 7 - Alvarez pops a few right hands, but Cotto keeps coming. Alvarez goes to the body and rotates to his left. Cotto throws repeated jabs and eats some punches to the midsection. Jose is having his best round in a while, but Saul just has too many options available to him. He lands two uppercuts with his back to the ropes.

10:43 - Round 8 - CompuBox bears out that Cotto had a nice round in the seventh, but Alvarez has still been more impressive. He's landing two for one as he has Cotto backed into a corner. Saul is very poised for a guy who isn't even 20. Nice left-right combos and a sharp uppercut from Alvarez.

10:47 - Round 9 - Alvarez connected on more than half of his power shots in the previous stanza. He turns into the pressure fighter and backs Cotto into the ropes, where he takes his time measuring power shots. Cotto is quite the bull to be taking some of these blows. Nasty right hand counter by Alvarez may finally have stunned Cotto. Alvarez crushes Cotto with a series of right hands, and though Jose never goes down, the referee finally decides he's seen enough.

Winner by TKO at 2:59 of Round 9, Saul Alvarez.

10:50 - The HBO announcers agree that Alvarez has a bright future ahead of him. Jim Lampley says we have about 15 minutes until Mayweather and Mosley come out for the main event.

11:01 - Mosley is still getting his hands wrapped, so we're killing time right now on the HBO broadcast. Meanwhile, our King J has caught up with Brian Kenny of ESPN, who likes Floyd to win: "Shane's from a great pedigree, but Floyds just too technically brilliant for him at this point."

11:06 - King J is also busy spotting celebrities in attendance at the MGM Grand. So far he's found Gabrielle Union, Tony Gonzalez, Chris Webber, Michael Oher and Chris Brown, who will be singing the national anthem.

11:09 - HBO shows Jamie Foxx, Michael J. Fox, Will Smith and Eva Longoria in the crowd.

11:11 - Lampley has had to throw it to taped segments several times. It's pretty obvious the timing of the main event is throwing off the broadcast a bit, but it looks like it will be underway in just a few minutes.

11:19 - Michael Buffer is finally set to get the pre-fight pageantry underway. Chris Brown is indeed handling "The Star-Spangled Banner."

11:25 - Sugar Shane makes his way to the ring first. He comes out to "Till I Collapse" by Eminem, which blends into "Run This Town" by Jay-Z and Rihanna.

11:30 - Money Mayweather gets his music cued up correctly and finally makes his ring walk. The O'Jays are actually in the ring performing "For the Love of Money."

11:32 - Floyd Mayweather (40-0) vs. Shane Mosley (46-5)

Buffer is handling the fighter introductions and we're almost set for a scheduled 12 rounds. Kenny Bayless is the referee in charge of the action. Mosley is the WBA welterweight titleholder, but his belt is not at stake tonight.

11:38 - Round 1 - Shane pumps out jabs to find the range. Mosley clinches early on. Floyd charges in and gets grabbed again. Money dodges a left hook. Both men are elusive and the action is ugly. Floyd lands a counter right over Shane's jab. Mosley falls forward but Bayless rules it a slip. Shane lands a jab, and there's more wrestling. Shane lands two light punches. Floyd answers with a jab. Nice one-two by Floyd. Shane jabs to the body again.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

11:42 - Round 2 - There's some more grabbing and Bayless has to step in. Lots of feinting both ways. Both men flick out jabs before settling for another clinch. Nice right hand by Mosley and Mayweather grabs him to catch a breath. Mosley tries left hooks and Floyd grabs him repeatedly. Mosley backs Mayweather into the ropes and covers up. Floyd is talking, trying to convince himself he's fine.Floyd flashes some left hand counters in tight.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mosley

11:47 - Round 3 - Floyd tries rushing in in the opening seconds of this frame. He uses two quick counters to keep Shane back a step. Mayweather lands a one-two starting with the left. Floyd is coming in more aggressively, forcing Shane back on his heels a bit. Bayless is staying quite busy. Floyd keeps jabbing to maintain some distance. It's kind of strange to see Mayweather rushing in this much, but it's working.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

11:51 - Round 4 - Shane narrowly avoids a right hand. Floyd pops him with a jab. He follows with a few more in succession. Quick counter by Money as Sugar steps forward. Nasty counter right hook by Floyd gets the crowd into it. Flashy right hand along the ropes by Mayweather. They lock arms, and Bayless tells them to fight out.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

11:55 - Round 5 - Floyd reaches over Shane's jab and gets grabbed around the waist. Money whacks Shane with two right hands, setting off more wrestling. Mayweather settles down and looks to counter with left hands. Left hook by Floyd. More quick short punches out of a break. Floyd steps to his left while jabbing. Shane tries a double jab and a right hand. A short exchange goes Floyd's way before the bell.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

11:59 - Round 6 - Floyd's hand speed and upper body movement are proving an impossible riddle for Mosley to solve right now. Shane is forced to jump in to try to land. Floyd lands a right and ends up in another clinch. Sugar Shane is stunned by a sharp right which is followed by another. Right-left combo from Floyd as Shane tries to fire back. Shane walks Floyd down but can't land anything.

Tylwalk - 10-9 Mayweather

12:02 - Round 7 - Shane will have to step on the gas and take more risks, or we're in for six more rounds that go the same way as the last three. Floyd lets go with a left-right combination. Money counters with a left as he backs away. Shane finally tries a right to the body, but it's blocked and answered. Floyd lands a sharp right in the corner and smells some blood. Mosley tries to dig down deep and answer, but he's just too slow.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

12:07 - Round 8 - Shane tries to make things rough in the early going and is sternly warned by Bayless. Floyd whacks him with a left hook. Both guys want to do some verbal jabbing now. Mayweather willingly backs into the ropes and lands a shot from there. Bayless has his hands full right now. Left hook from Shane. More two-punch combos from Floyd, and he grins at the announcers.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

12:11 - Round 9 - Nazim Richardson told Shane between rounds that he would have to look for the KO, which is probably true. Things are still ugly and uneven at times. Floyd is taking a bit of a rest in this round, but Shane hasn't taken advantage. Sugar tries some jabs and gets crushed by a counter right. Left-right combo by Floyd backs Shane up. Bayless has to step in three times in succession.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

12:15 - Round 10 - Mosley comes forward but finds no openings. Mosley finally scores upstairs and takes a right to the head in response. Mayweather gets in another right. Bayless interjects himself two more times. Nice uppercut on the inside by Floyd. Shane connects with a jab. Another left-right by Floyd fires Mosley up a bit. Floyd potshots with single shots.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

12:19 - Round 11 - More shoving and grabbing open up this frame, interspersed with short, sharp punches from Money. Shane tries a left hook to the body. Floyd lines up a solid right hand that finds the mark. Left hook by Floyd off the break knocks Shane off balance. Mosley bounces and tries a right hand, but Mayweather lands his own instead.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

12:23 - Round 12 - It looks like an easy decision for Money barring something totally unexpected. Shane tries the body but has to scramble to avoid some fast counters. A right hand crashes home for Floyd. Every Mosley punch is being answered by two from Mayweather. Bayless is earning his pay right to the very end. Shane tries to force an exchange but he ends up taking more than he gives. Floyd punches out of a clinch and rocks Shane's head back. The last 10 seconds tick off without incident, and we'll go to the scorecards.

Tylwalk: 10-9 Mayweather

Tylwalk: 119-109

The judges score it 119-109 twice and 118-110, all to the winner by unanimous decision, Floyd "Money" Mayweather.

12:33 - Merchant gets a word with Mayweather, and he gives credit to his dad and uncle for figuring out Shane's style by watching tape. He thinks he could have gotten Mosley out of there is he would have pressed his offense earlier.

Floyd calls Shane a warrior and says he was stunned in the second round but was able to shake it off and keep going.

Asked the natural Manny Pacquiao questions, Floyd says he's not hard to find. He sidesteps a query about drug testing, so Merchant presses him a bit harder. Mayweather says there will be no fight with Manny if Pac Man doesn't agree to the drug testing.

Floyd sticks to his guns, saying all he asks is for all boxers to compete on an even playing field when it comes to PEDs.

Mosley tells Merchant he was too tight to follow up on his big right hand in the second round. He gives Money credit for making the adjustments that he himself could not make.

Shane says everyone can look forward to Mayweather-Pacquiao, but he's less commital about whether or not he will retire.


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