New York Yankees Acquire Richie Sexson: A not so SEX-y move

Tron HarrisCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2008

The New York Yankees have reportedly have picked up the prorated minimum salary for Richie Sexson, the 6-foot-8 "powerful" righty. 

Sexson, who is scheduled to make $14 million this season, will come to the Yankees to fill the role of a power hitter versus left handed pitching.  

Although Sexson has great numbers versus lefties this season (.344 avg, .423 obp, .623 slg), he has only faced lefties 70 times, hardly enough at bats to indicate that he will keep up this pace. 

Sexson is batting a paltry .178 versus righties, and historically, Sexson is not much better against southpaws than he is against right handers. 

Over the past three seasons (2005-2007), Sexson is .258 versus lefties and .245 versus righties, but Sexson is not coming to New York for his batting average.  He is coming for his power. 

From 2005-present, Sexson actually has more power verse righties than he does verse lefties, homering in one out of every 16.36 at bats against right handers and one out of every 17.04 at bats against southpaws. 

Sexson will likely take playing time from mustachio (Jason Giambi), who nearly made the all-star team by way of the fan vote. 

After getting off to a dismal start in April hitting .164, Giambi's average bounced back on strong performances in May and June hitting .315 and .305 respectively (his power numbers have been consistent hitting either five or six homers per month). 

Giambi, who could very possibly see less at bats against southpaws, has six home runs in just 82 at bats (one per 13.8 abs) this season off of lefties including an epic two run, two out walk off home-run off of Blue Jays closer B.J Ryan. 

Giambi has been an amazing story this season using his all natural stache, instead of anabolic steroids, to put up very productive numbers for the Yankees. 

I wish Richie Sexson all the best in New York, but I am very skeptical about this move and do not want Sexson to cut into Giambi's playing time. 

After coming clean about steroids, going through withdrawal, and finally coming back and performing on the big stage, I think Giambi deserves every at bat that he gets.