Denver WIns With 25th Pick

Dante OwensContributor IMay 1, 2010

With avid NFL fans preparing for Thursday nights NFL Draft, many already could fill in Sam Bradford as the First pick in this year’s draft. The real debate began when NFL fans had to then decide who would be the second Quarterback taken. According to numerous sports websites and credible sports analyst Jimmy Clauseen of Notre Dame was that guy. No one believed that Tim Tebow of Florida would be the second Quarterback taken. Tim Tebow had been criticized pre draft for his inability to be the “pro style QB” like his counterparts, truthfully NFL fans thought Tebow would make a decent professional football player, just not as a Quarterback. Many fans have sat around and tried to place Tebow at other positions some of which including H-Back and even tight end. We have heard a lot of the negative components of Tebow’s style of play, his release and the style of Offense he comes from in the Coach Urban Meyer System. But what a lot of people have failed to realize, is that Tebow knows how to win. He is a natural playmaker and is accustomed to winning. Tebow is a leader on and off the field. To play Quarterback especially in the NFL one must be able to lead, and as we saw by his career at the University of Florida Tebow’s leadership skills are impeccable.

            This acquisition for Denver is not an immediate impact, it will take a few years for Tebow to learn the system and become a “GREAT” (yes I said it) quarterback. A lot of people in and outside of Denver may question the moves of Brian Xanders (Broncos GM), with him picking Tebow yesterday, but in the years to come he will be considered a genius.

            Tebow now gets to sit in an offense, with no pressure of an immediate impact because NFL Fans know that this is a two-three year process. Ahead of Tebow are the two notable Quarterbacks Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton, Tebow will begin to shadow these guys and become even better. The other relationship that Tebow inherits is that with head coach Josh Mcdaniel. Mcdaniel was a quarterback coach who coached another athlete taken in the 6th round 199th pick overall in the 2000 NFL draft Tom Brady. Tom Brady has turned out to be a perennial pro bowler, super bowl QB, and what most people believe a hall of famer. Not comparing Tebow to Brady, but his career can only get better in Denver. With knowledge of Tebow’s work ethic, ability to win and leadership, this is what Denver saw that made them snag him with the 25th overall pick. When asked what did he do to make Denver pick him 25th overall Tebow replied “ I told them I am willing to do whatever it takes, and my work ethic and them just believing in me, I will do whatever it takes” Tebow won on last night, as well did Denver. GO GATORS!!