WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review: Friday April 30th

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIMay 1, 2010

Segment 1) Jericho Promo

Great promo from Y2J. Singing your own praise - the classic heel tactic. Too short to get a decent rating though.

Seg Rating) 2.5/5


Seg 2) Jericho vs Kingston

Yet another great match from Chris Jericho. Seriously, this guy could make Khali look good in the ring! Great moves, counters and near falls from both men. Worthy of a main event!

Seg Rating: 4/5


Seg 3) JoMo vs Rhodes

Another solid match for the blue brand. I'm liking this recurring theme! Great match put on by the young talent. Another good outing for JoMo while Rhodes shows he can cope in the singles division and benefits from the win.

Seg Rating: 3.5/5


Seg 4) E & C Promo

Really good to see these two in the ring together at last. Great mic work from Edge and some good face and heel tactics from both men. The crowd seemed very confused though. They didn't know who to cheer. Maybe it would have been better to keep this in the tank until the fans knew Edge was heel.(I know seasoned fans did, but the five year olds didn't). Nonetheless, a great segment with a bit of nostalgia.

Seg Rating: 4.5/5


Seg 5) Phoeinix & Kelly Kelly vs Laycool

Typical divas match here, nothing special.

Seg Rating: 1.5/5


Seg 6) Ziggler Promo

Too short and meaningless to amount to anything.

Seg Rating: 0.5/5


Seg 7) SES/ MVP Promo

Great to see MVP back on SD! Great mic work from both men. I hope they continue with this angle and create a feud.

Seg Rating: 3/5


Seg 8) SES vs Rey and MVP

A short enough match but enough time given to show that MVP is good enough(when coupled with the previous seg) to be world champ.

Seg Rating: 3/5


Seg 9) Swagger Promo and Big Show Confrontation

Great promo from Swagger. Drew real heel heat. Maybe the fans are finally buying into him as champ? He kind of reminds me of Kurt Angle. Big Show KO's him for no reason. A better ending would have seen them brawling as SD goes off the air instead of having Swagger come off weak.

Seg Rating: 4/5


Final Thoughts:

Not a bad show tonight. Two solid matches and a really good promo from E & C. It was a pity that MVP didn't get more time to showcase his talents. However, the future for young stars on SD looks very bright.

Final Rating: 2.5/5