WWE's Jim Ross May Have Called His Last Match: Is It the End of an Era?

Siva PrasadCorrespondent IMay 1, 2010

Jim Ross : “My WWE 'talent contract' has ended after a 17+ year run with the company... Obviously, I would have liked to have had the ability to do a 'farewell broadcast' but that opportunity never occurred.”

Two of many quotes from the Hall of Famer’s latest blog post, as JR addressed Internet speculation concerning his WWE future.

Ross confirmed that he remains an employee of the WWE, in a talent relations capacity. While the great commentator has not directly criticised WWE for not returning him to on air action, he has hinted in recent postings about his disappointment.

One reader, in a Q and A reminded Jim about his dream to call the Undertaker’s last match, to which JR replied:

“Well...sometimes the reality of life is that we can't accomplish all our goals. How do you propose I make this one happen if my services are not required or wanted? That's life and I choose to keep on living life even though every thing did not work out perfectly at the end.”

Having watched JR for years, I can definitely say he is the best play by play wrestling announcer of his generation, without a shadow of a doubt. Although others such as Mike Tenay have their moments, few on air talent display the consistency Jim Ross does.

Ross has also persevered several forgettable story lines during his run in WWE, notably his on air “firing” back in 2005.

JR was set for colon surgery, and the firing was used as a means of removing him temporarily from TV.  However, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon felt the need to perform a fake colon surgery on air, pulling a wide assortment of objects from what was supposedly Ross’ colon.

Taking into account all that Jim Ross has done for WWE and its fans, the least Ross could ask for is to have a farewell match, a chance for some closure. Hopefully WWE will have the common sense to give him that.

What do you guys think, though? Has WWE done enough already for JR, with his Hall of Fame induction three years ago? Will any current WWE announcer ever match up to Ross? Or is he overrated? Make yourselves heard, and thanks for reading.

Image Credit:Online World of Wrestling and WWE