TNA Is The Next WCW! (Unless Drastic Measures Are Taken)

JC AugustineCorrespondent IMay 1, 2010

Forward:I only write on Bleacher Report when I believe there is something worth my time to sit down and write. I believe the situation with TNA at the moment is one that deserved my attention and hopefully it has your attention too.  

TNA has tried their darnedest to pretend that they could take on a global phenomenon, the WWE, and believe they could win. Unless drastic measures are taken soon they will become even more irrelevant to the prowrestling landscape. I will give credit where credit is due though.  The shows have seemed to increase in their quality of late (compared to the first Hogan/Bischoff era episodes) and the ranking system is a breath of fresh air to the industry, but it is not enough. I will try to outline what TNA needs to do if they want to continue to exist.
More matches, less promos!

The April 19th show was the best episode of any professional wrestling show I have seen in a long time. After coming off an overall successful Lockdown! PPV the importance was on the title and not on Hogan and his WWE Hall of Fame ring. There were fewer matches but with it ranging from 15-20 minute matches, the wrestlers finally had a chance to do their job and delivered great matches. Keeping the focus on wrestling instead of Hogan’s agenda and another company's "magical" ring is actually a good idea for a prowrestling show. Who would have thought that?

Get control of the company now!

There is chaos and disorder in TNA right now. In a recent interview TNA X-Division wrestler, "Homicide", stated that he had talk with Hogan and Hogan liked what he was doing. "Homicide" response was”then do something about it”. No one knows who is in charge of TNA.

Is it Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, a fearful Vince Russo, Dixie Carter, or is it Satan calling the shots?  There is no flow or logic in any TNA shows. One second it is the Wolfpac feuding with a Canadian jobber to the Nasty Boys feuding with Team 3d.  Then we have Hogan giving Abyss a magical ring.

WTF!?!? Please excuse my unprofessionalism with this statement but it was the only way I know how to convey my thoughts. People care about wrestling and not irrelevant wrestlers. With Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Vince Russo all making their own plots and booking decisions there is no coherence from match to match. Someone needs to have the final say in order to make the TNA product a professional wrestling show and not multiple peoples’ hidden agendas linked together with the name of TNA.

Respect the talent!

TNA has brought in some great talent in the last year. RVD, Mr. Anderson,”The Pope" D'angelo Dinero, and Desmond Wolfe all could be great world heavy weight champions. But with this talent they have brought in, pardon me, pure crap. The Nasty Boys, Sean Morley,  Wolfpac, Rob Terry and Abyss pushes, Bubba the love sponge, and Jeff  Hardy all are or were a serious liability to the company.

Some of the ones I stated just are too old to deserve taking someone else’s paycheck. Others are too green or not skilled enough to be main eventers. Finally the ones that could/ and do cause horrible negative press are just allowed to run free.

Hogan brought in Bubba because he is friends, and hoped he could bring more of an audience to TNA. Instead Bubba was the single worst thing to happen to TNA (please check out Ashley Morris' new article for more on that and Jeff Hardy is looking like he is higher than he ever has been before. For such a negative light to be shown on small company could easily destroy all credibility they have. When TNA brings in these veteran stars for cheap thrills they’re taking away the spotlight from the stars that made the company!

No one cares about Bubba or the Nasty boys; the wrestling community wants to see A.J. Styles and Desmond Wolfe in the ring making history. With Hogan giving, pardon my language;   the shaft to the true talent the company only becomes closer to the breaking point.

You want to bring in Wolfpac? Great now we lose Christopher Daniels because of the horrible treatment he and other stars received. Hogan wants to bring in long time friend Bubba the love sponge and the result is the Knockouts division becomes as weak as the WWE divas with the loss of Awesome Kong. The back stage sexism and pure b.s in TNA also caused the company to lose Tara, Sarita, Taylor Wilde, and Alisa Flash. All were amazing performer that made TNA something special. Without those athletes gone the remaining uninjured Knockouts are The Beautiful People and ODB. If TNA loses Daffney as well, TNA fan’s suicide rates are going to sky rocket!

Dixie and Eric need to create a workplace where people can at least be paid fairly along with some form of respect for the incredible difficult and dangerous job their employees are doing for the management’s profit.

Do whatever it takes to hire Jim Ross.

I truly believe as well as well as a good portion of the IWC that Jim Ross as the backstage G.M. or president of the company is the only thing that can save TNA. Jim Ross has decades of experience working in a successful company. Ross was head of payroll, talent relations, and had strong input with the creative team. With Ross' leadership, TNA could reach its true potential and become a true threat to the WWE market.

This is just a short list of problems with TNA. There are hundreds of other problems as well but these are the biggest issues at the moment.  
Any feedback is more than welcomed.