I'm Just Saying: Thank God Bubba The Love Sponge and TNA Parted Ways

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMay 1, 2010

In my entire B/R writing career, I have been vocal about many things I liked and disliked. Such as my quest to see Manu get his walking papers, how Sheamus was a future star, and that TNA's move to Monday was as premature as it gets.

However, I have really been upset about the Bubba the Love Sponge hiring more so than any other thing I've seen in pro-wrestling in well over a decade. I get bringing him in for a show or two to help him get some publicity for his show. Sort of like how the WWE does with it's RAW Guest Hosts.

But having him there for storylines and on a consistent basis makes me sick, because all it's doing is taking away cash from where it should be going, to the wrestling talent. As the wrestling world knows, both he and now former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong got into a heated argument about Bubba's comments toward Haiti.

For her to be upset about it is perfectly fine, Bubba was out of line with his comments so she wanted to set him straight. We'll never know who truly started it all, as some believe Bubba and others believe Kong. All we know is that Bubba got a punch to the face, one he has deserved for a while now.

I knew of Bubba before his TNA run, so when he showed up to iMPACT, I was ticked. Because he has been a complete douchbag his entire radio career, and his time in TNA was no different.

He was really only hired by TNA because of his friendship with Hulk Hogan, heck, just about anyone whose friends with the guy got some sort of run in the company, i.e The Nasty Boys, Val Venis, Orlando Jordan, Jimmy Hart, etc.

So realistically if I was a no name wrestler who needed a job, and I knew Hogan well, I'd be employed by TNA.

I guess getting rid of Kong for Bubba was a smart move Hogan?

She only left because of him really. He should have never been hired in the first place, and none of this would have gone down. But he was, which means that we had to deal with it.

The hiring was very dumb and I don't know of one TNA fan who liked it, and what's so great is that the fans are the one's who got him fired from TNA. Bubba wasn't happy about it, as you can tell by this post:

i was going to take the high road but looks like tna has fired the first shot.

Bubba army.let ur feelings known now!! @TNADixie She based my firing on anti bubba tweets.

Bubba Army, you guys are simply the best. Nobody could ask for better fans. TNA fans are nothing but a bunch of little cowardly [EXPLETIVE]

You love oiled up men in tights. You are a douche nozzle that thinks wrestling is real. Get a fucking life. Go away

You're entire life is pointless. Go back to screwing your sister and watching TNA you white trash simpleton

You know what's so funny Bubba, if you hated TNA so bad like you're trying to show here, then why did you come in to the company?

You do know that not all wrestlers wear tights, look at John Cena. You know that not all wrestlers oil up, look at Sheamus.

And dear God, we have seen a TNA iMPACT show, we know wrestling is predetermined!

And dude, you do realize that many of your listeners are also TNA fans, right? So, you claim to have that Bubba Army behind you, yet you insult them aswell? Heck, I can't be a sole WWE or TNA fan, because I watch both of them.

So, if the WWE starts hating on TNA fans, they'll hate on me and other fans in their own audience. Why? Because wrestling fans are, well, wrestling fans. When you insult a TNA fan, you're insulting your own "Army", Mr. Sponge.

And I guess he threw in a southern statement with the "screwing your sister" thing. Wrestling fans are not usually one's to screw their sister, so I kinda don't know where he's going there. I guess he was trying to say that because TNA is in Orlando? Kinda dumb when not all TNA fans are located in the south.

Just goes to show what a complete moron this guy is. And TNA fan's lives are pointless? Really Bubba? Really?

So I'm guessing Brian Urlacher's life is pointless? You know he's a big TNA fan. Dude is an all pro linebacker. But oh yeah, his life is really pointless eh?

It's funny how you try to separate your fans from TNA's as if none of your listeners knew of TNA and never will. You promoted it on your show dummy! You don't think some became fans of TNA because of that promotion?

So, you just insulted your own army. What stupidity shown by a classless moron.

And dude, what are you talking about as far as TNA firing the first shot? You got the boot, you call that a shot? I call that losing a job you weren't good at. It's not like you're going to to suffer, you do have a radio show to go back to you know.

I mean, they didn't come out and insult you did they? NO! They simply said it was time to go.

So you were never going to take the high road you jackass.

The thing is Bubba, that you were very bitter because of the firing and the easiest people to go after were the fans that got you fired. That's how it works in EVERYTHING in life Bubba, if you suck at something, you don't need to get paid to do it.

You should have never been hired to begin with, but you were because you were friends with Hogan. They lost one of their best talents because of you. TNA fans will never forget that, but we also will never forget you either Bubba.

So here's to you Bubba the Love Sponge, may God have mercy on your soul. I'll tell Hitler to save a seat in hell for you right by the air conditioner.

Oh, and on the pic above. I thought to myself, why put an ugly fat lard in a picture for one of my articles? So, I put a Knockout pic up.