My Resignation Letter To Ralph Wilson

Adam BrockwayContributor IMay 1, 2010

Mr. Ralph Wilson,

 I am officially resigning my position as a Buffalo Bills fan. I feel that my emotion and dedication would be rewarded elsewhere. As I begin the search for a new team, I want to thank you.

 You have provided moments of excitement and hope. You gave me the greatest game ever played, Super Bowl 25. I was 7 years old when I watched Scott Norwood miss that kick. 20 years later, I watched the Bills have the worst draft they have ever had.

 You gave me the biggest comeback in NFL history when the Bills beat the Oilers in a playoff game. You took away my hopes for ever seeing a great quarterback return to  Orchard Park when you passed on Clausen, McCoy and most importantly Tim "Tremendous" Tebow.

  You let us believe that the little guy had a chance when you signed Doug Flutie. You proved dreams are easily destroyed when Rob Johnson started.

 You made me stand on my couch and cheer when the Bills were leading the Cowboys on Monday Night Football and fall to my knees when Nick Folk drilled the winning field goal home.

  You refused to pay for high end talent. T.O was not talent. Carnivals sell tickets to see the bearded lady because people just want to see what will happen.Yes I am equating T.O to a bearded lady.

  You let stand out players leave and do better on other teams. Wiley, Winfield, Wire, Smith, Mcgahee.

 All in all it was a learning experience. I thank you for the hope and abhor you for the dashing of that hope. I know I will not be missed. My position is one of little importance to the whole of the team. I know no severance package is in the works. I understand someone will take my place. But the herd is getting thinner Mr. Wilson. I wish you the best.

 Sincerely a broken hearted once devout follower,

Adam Brockway