The Next Generation Of Superstars Part One: Taking The Solo Rhode

David CramptonContributor IMay 1, 2010

The WWE Draft is a time when the WWE decides to "shake things up". It's a time where hero and villains, Superstars and jobbers are transferred from either Raw to Smackdown! or vice versa. From the live draft on Monday Night Raw, it appeared that Smackdown! got the short end of the stick as they lost John Morrison, Chris Jericho, R-Truth and "the Rated R Superstar" Edge in exchange for "Captain Charisma" Christian, Kofi Kingston, Kelly Kelly and Big Show. Some would say Smackdown! was robbed of their best talents - spare CM Punk, 'Taker and Rey Mysterio who are in a white hot feud. While Edge and Jericho enter the main event scene, Morrison and Truth seem almost destined to stay - what on Raw it seems like, anyway - in the unbreakable barrier that is the mid-card. Over on Smackdown! however, there is a bright chance that new stars will be made. This brings me to my first article in my "Next Generation of Superstars" series, the first Superstar being none other than Cody Rhodes.

This nimble and hungry twenty-four year old Superstar is destined for greatness. Ability? He has plenty and is willing to show it when given an opportunity. Gimmick? Nothing screams "I am the future" more than an overconfident, smug and cocky second-generation Superstar. Athletics? Have you seen the Moonsault he is able to pull off? Truly fantastic. The only thing that Cody seems to be lacking is mic skills. Granted, he can speak and has the confidence, but he just doesn't seem to connect with the fans. Frankly, I think he is quite far from his former teammate Ted DiBiase when it comes to both mic skills and ability, but the move to the "blue team" is going to do wonders for Cody Rhodes.

Having tasted Tag Team Gold three times in his career, I think it is time his singles career is focused on. To start, I see him doing some matches against "local competitors" to build himself up and get some credibility. He should follow up with a feud with Kofi Kingston or Christian which should lead to one or two PPV match-ups. Hopefully that will lead to a feud for the Intercontinental Title at around "TLC" which he would hold until the next Draft. Either way, I expect fantastic things for Cody Rhodes on the "blue brand" where he will be molded into a future WWE Heavyweight Champion.