WWE Vs TNA: It Seems As Though the Monday Night Wars May Be Over

Smoke And MirrorsContributor IMay 1, 2010

The only good things that Hogan has brought to TNA was Rob Van Dam, and AJ Styles teaming up with Flair. Other than that, he was a catastrophe to TNA.

There might have been a small ray of hope that TNA might come up with a few tricks from under its sleeve, but now Vince has terminated the competition.

Have you ever heard the saying "Kill two birds with one stone"? Because that's exactly what Vince has done at the draft.

Not only did he make room for the upper midcarders such as Swagger, Christian, Kofi, Cody Rhodes, etc. on Smackdown, but he also put all the top stars on Raw in order to variably increase the star power on the red brand

This is in TNA's disadvantage, as the Edge, Jericho, and John Morrison fans who may have watched Impact during Mondays will now tune in to watch Raw.

Yeah. Vince is a much better brilliant man than we give him credit for.

And given the horrendous ratings that Impact pulled off this past Monday, one can only speculate how longer it might remain airing on Monday nights.

What I don't seem to get is this over-zealous competitive atmosphere that Hogan is creating out of nothing. Hogan does not have the brain to lead TNA anywhere.

And you don't have to take my word for it, look at his past two projects: Hogan knows Best, and Celebrity Championship Wrestling.

And instead of instantly going head to head with Raw, why not first try competing with Smackdown? Or NXT/Superstars? There's nothing wrong with confidence, but too much will mislead you, and that is exactly the case with Hogan and TNA.

Unless some drastic changes were made in the coming few weeks—and I do not mean changing the timeslot to 8-10—TNA will only get less viewings, and eventually go out of business.

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