Sterlingisms: What Is Your Call?

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIApril 30, 2010

"Bernie goes boom!", "it's a Thrilla-by Godzilla!", "Robbie Cano, don't ya know?!", "an A-bomb from A-Rod!", "the grandy man can!, the grandy man can!", "a teix-message from Mark Teixeira!"

For over twenty years, the man known as John Sterling has been the radio voice for the New York Yankees.  Known well for his announcing mannerisms, Sterling has some famous calls through the years.

With every new season, comes a new player or two, that leads to new, and colorful calls.

Most players that are on the current Yankees roster have a nickname or a saying that Sterling will use during a big play in the game, mostly home runs.

What is your favorite Sterling call to date?  In my mind, the one that sticks with me the most is the nickname given to Derek Jeter, "El Capitan."

With most players that come to the Yankees from another team, if they make an immediate impact, they will get nicknames on calls as well.

Which brings me to my next theory, what would John Sterling's home run calls be for most of the current top talent in Major League Baseball?

It is is is gone...

"Oh Albert, you are the Einstein of baseball!" - Albert Pujols (St. Louis Cardinals)

"Ichiro, you are on a roll!" - Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle Mariners)

"Here's looking at you kid!" - Ken Griffey Jr. (Seattle Mariners)

"A-Jax cleans up another ball park!" - Austin Jackson (Detroit Tigers)

"Pena, the warrior prince!" - Carlos Pena (Tampa Bay Rays)

"Jorge can and you can too!" - Jorge Cantu (Florida Marlins)

The list is long for the players that have already been shrines in the quotes of Sterling, with many more to follow before it is all said and done.

If you were a big leaguer, and a star on the Yankees, what would you want your home run call to sound like?