NHL Hockey Trivia: The Answers

David HeereSenior Analyst IJuly 17, 2008

Think you knew all the answers to yesterday's Hockey Trivia to Cure Your Summer Boredom article?



Steven Stamkos (2 points)


Ontario Hockey League (3 points)


Erik Johnson, 2006, US National Under 18 Team (5 points)


Chris Phillips, 1996, Prince Albert Raiders (10 points)


Stanley Cup


Detroit Red Wings (2 points)


Montreal Canadians, 24 titles (3 points)


Maurice Richard, 11 (5 points)


No one, the season was canceled due to Influenza Epidemic (10 points)


NHL Commissioner


Gary Bettman (2 points)


NBA  (3 points)


Gil Stein (5 points)




Minnesota Wild, Columbus Blue Jackets (2 points)


California Seals or any other team in the next answer  (3 points)


L.A. Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, St Louis Blues, Pittsburgh Penguins, Minnesota North Stars (5 points)


The Maple Leafs were known as the St. Patricks and before that as the Arenas, The Red Wings were known as the Falcons and before that they were the Cougars.  (10 points)




2 minutes (2 points)


Tripping an opponent by using your feet  (3 points)


Dave “Tiger” Williams, 3,966 (5 points)




Wayne Gretzky, 2,857 points (2 points)


Bobby Orr, 31 years old  (3 points)


Joe Malone, 7 goals (5 points)




Jacques Plante (2 points)


Bernard “Boom Boom“ Geoffrion  (3 points)


Stan Mikita (5 points)


Now add up the number of total points from the questions you answered correctly and find where you stand as a hockey trivia fan. After you have found you standing, please post your point total and what level you are in the comments. Hope you had fun!


0-14 points Career Minor League Player

15-35 points Third or Forth Line Player

36-50 points Second Line Player

51-70 points First Line Player

71-100 points NHL All-Star