The Kid's Got Swagger: Why Jack Swagger Is a Great World Champion

David CramptonContributor IApril 30, 2010

Greetings, B/R readers and article writers alike. I've been pretty scarce with articles - only one so far - so I am hoping to build myself up with this one. Currently, our reigning World Heavyweight Champ is none other than the "Two time, two time, All American-American" Jack Swagger. After winning Money in the Bank at 'Mania XXVI, he teased a cash in on the "cash cow" John Cena but soon backed out. Then the real cash in came only the next day at the Smackdown! tapings where he pounced upon opportunity and seized the World Title from Chris Jericho in very surprising fashion. Mr. Swagger is fresh of a victory of Randy Orton at Extreme Rules and two wins over John Morrison, not to mention stellar matches against The Undertaker, Triple H and John Cena over the past three months. Now he faces the biggest test of all at "Over the Limit" where he takes on "the world's largest athlete" The Big Show. Here are the reasons why I think he should retain over The Big Show:

The Big Show is not afraid to go over: This has been seen many times in the WWE and is one of the greatest things about Big Show. He is not afraid to give young stars the push they need. A prime example would be Cena winning at Wrestlemania XX where he allowed a young, nimble, hungry and rapping John Cena go over and win the US Title. That could have been down to booking, but Show could have easily said no and asked for a different ending.

The Title needs credibility: The World Heavyweight Title has switched twice over the past three months, the latest being Swagger. Frankly, I think he can carry the Smackdown! brand, considering the domination of talent being taken from them. Giving Swagger a nice reign until about Summerslam should do nicely, not only proving him a credible champion, but restoring prestige to the title.

His Promos: All lisp jokes aside, I think Swagger has been able to deliver decent promos and is able to attract genuine heat from the crowd. His "State of the Championship Address" promos have been excellent, not to mention the short promos seen on Smackdown! where he boosts his ego. He is delivering great heel promos, not on the level of CM Punk or Jericho, but still slightly higher than that of Dave Batista.

He has the ability: This is often expressed on by Matt Striker, and I agree. The ground-based technique of Swagger is amazing. Giving him the American style attire makes him come off as the next Kurt Angle. The amateur wrestling background of this "two time All-American" really sparkles when he is in the squared circle, matching the high-flying, speedy style of Morrison, the power game of the Undertaker and the slippery, snake like style of Randy Orton.

Personally, I think that Swagger is guaranteed a win at Over The Limit and the thought of him losing is appalling.

Leave your comments and thoughts, and cheers for the read.