Georgia Schedule Features an Off Week Before Showdown with Georgia Tech

Brennen SCorrespondent IApril 30, 2010

After finishing the 2009 regular season with an upset victory over the 7th ranked Georgia Tech, the Georgia Bulldogs will be looking to beat the Yellow Jackets for the ninth time in ten years this season.

Regardless of rankings, strength of schedule, or overall records, the regular season finale between these two bitter rivals is always exciting. Either team can come away with a victory each year; 2008 and 2009 taught both fan bases that.

The Yellow Jackets ripped twigs from the hedges after upsetting Georgia in 2008 and the Bulldogs took patches of field from Bobby-Dodd stadium in 2009. The rivalry is starting to heat up again and 2010 should feature two equally matched opponents.

Both teams will be looking for an upper hand in the week preceding the game. Coaches and players will use multiple methods of motivation, but when everything is said and done, the team that played the hardest will come away victorious.

However, the Bulldogs have a bye week in between their game at Auburn and their match up with Georgia Tech between the hedges. And in college football an off week is an obvious advantage for the team that gets the extra week to prepare.

Considering that three of the last four teams to beat Georgia Tech had two or more weeks to prepare for the Yellow Jackets’ triple-option attack, an off week for the Bulldogs will be a blessing.

In addition, the teams with two or more weeks to prepare for Tech – LSU, Miami, and Iowa – defeated them by holding them to 164, 94, and 143 rushing yards respectively (which is modest for the Yellow Jackets).

So, the Georgia Bulldogs will rest up and game plan the week before their regular season finale; hoping to duplicate their performance from the previous year. A bye week before playing your biggest rival can only be one thing, a blessing.