Take THAT Media: Brett Favre Puts Ankle Rumors to Rest

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IJune 12, 2016

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Due to recent reports suggesting Brett Favre would be making his decision on whether or not to return to football in 2010 based on his injured ankle, the future Hall of Famer felt obliged to "clear the air."

After reports on ESPN and other sites from so-called "experts" and "insiders," Favre made an announcement on his official website: www.officialbrettfavre.com .

Favre admitted that he does in fact have an injury, and that it's one of the many factors he will weigh in his decision on whether or not to return.

However, he also said that the surgery is likely "relatively minor," and nowhere near any type of major surgery.

For all those writers and fans out there who continue to criticize and bash Favre for waffling, lying, and drawing up tricks to escape training camp, let this be a lesson.

Favre, it seems, isn't the only one getting tired of the yearly charades, and made two things extremely clear with this post on his official site.

First, that the media continues to blow everything Favre-related out of proportion. Whether it's the fact that he's a grandpa, pictures of his ankle, hearsay from teammates, or random events in Favre's life; it's quite clear that Favre isn't the only one that distorts things or sends mixed signals.

Secondly, and most importantly, Favre just showed his hand .

He does have an injury, and he will need minor surgery in able to play comfortably in 2010. But its also no secret that he doesn't desire a full participation in training camp. It's a win-win for the nearly 20-year veteran.

Regardless of your opinion of Favre, or the current over-hyped news story, one other thing is being made perfectly clear.

If Favre wasn't intending on coming back, he never would have wasted his time explaining himself, or in this case, the media's mistake.

Thank you Ed Werder, and just about everyone else, for once again jumping to conclusions.


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