Welcome to The Palace of Wisdom

Viggo DrakuvichCorrespondent IApril 30, 2010

John Morrison AKA The Shaman of Sexy, The Guru of Greatness, The Tuesday Night Delight, The Friday Night Delight, The A-lister, The New Face of Extreme...has just moved to Monday night Raw and is ready to shine.

I'll have to admit at first, I was not pleased to see Morrison move from Smackdown to Raw.  But the more time that has passed, it has allowed me to think of the possibilities for the Guru of Greatness.

Morrison was able to shine on Smackdown in 2009 up to his loss of the IC championship where he has been....dare I say this...a jobber.  That is such a dirty word for a guy with so much talent.  Morrison has put on high quality matches with whomever he is up against (even the matches he did not win) and has helped to make Smackdown a great show to watch.

For several months, I have come to question The Friday Night Delight and the WWE.  Why was Morrison losing all of these matches?  I believe it is downtime for Morrison between his loss of the IC championship up to Wrestlemania. 

I believe Morrison will get a title in 2010.  Morrison continues to be on the rise, even with his numerous losses in the recent months.  Haven't you noticed the increased merchandise available for Morrison on WWE?  You can buy his cool glasses, some sort of pendant, the new dvd, two new shirts, etc.  I wouldn't think WWE would be pumping merchandise on a guy they wouldn't believe in. 

On multiple occasions, Morrison has mentioned that he is ready for a title and that his time is very near.  With top wrestlers either taking a break or about to retire, Morrison is just the man to step in.  During a live talk on the Arizona Republic Website, Morrison says  "Who's champion now? Cena? Ugh. Boring. Yeah, I think my time is coming. I'm rounding the corner right now in the main event parking garage, where all the spots have been taken for a really long time. I think some of the cars in the main event parking lot are about to be ticketed and towed after WrestleMania. There should be some spots available." 

On the night of the WWE draft, when Morrison was standing with R-Truth and Edge he made the hand gesture around his stomach saying he is ready for a championship.  A move to RAW may just give him the opportunity to do that. 

I hope and pray for a heel turn for Morrison.  Morrison is more of a natural heel quite like Edge.  He is a good face but just a better heel.  The sky is the limit once this turn happens.

So, with this move to Raw, I can only see bright things happening to the Guru of Greatness. 



Some quotes from the Shaman of Sexy when he was on "The Dirt Sheet".

"I predict....that HHH...will spit some water"

"We don't have loofas in the palace of wisdom."

"Hello, I'm John Morrison and I like to squeeze things."

"An update on Festus: Festus is still a bald, fat virgin."

"Rugs are oriental. People are Asian."

"Earlier today we found Kelly Kelly's cellphone laying in her purse in the women's locker room."

"Hello, I'm John Morrison, and you can bounce a quarter off my abs."

As CM Punk: "My mom dressed me like a girl 'til I was 18. To this day, I still pee sitting down."

"Hi, I'm John Morrison, and I once spent the night on a houseboat with Joan Rivers."

"Hi, I'm John Morrison and I drive a hybrid. Do you care about the environment, Miz? I do."

"Dreadlocks are so 1995."

"They tell me I'm a sexual jedi."

"My highschool's janitor's name was Joe. Joe was a dirty, dirty man."

"Hi, I'm John Morrison and if I had a nickle for everyone in Wrestlemania better looking than me... I would have no nickles."

After seeing Hawkins and Ryder: "...Give them both a roll of nickles."

JM: "Hi, I'm John Morrison, and this year I'm gonna be voting for both Clinton and Obama."

MM: "...You only can vote once."

JM: "...We'll see about that."

As Finlay's brother: (Singing) "We drink all day and we smell like pee-peeee!"

(Pounds his chest twice) "Go environment."

"Hi, I'm John Morrison, and last Thursday I went surfing naked. While most people would be arrested for indescent exposure, I was awarded the key to the city of Manhattan Beach."

"We can't smell what The Rock is cookin' at the palace of wisdom."

"Hi, I'm John Morrison, and I think so deep, I eat religion and cr@p out enlightenment."

About Evan Bourne: "It's amazing how he can defy gravity... and charisma."

"MR. FUJI!" (throws powder in person's face)

MM: "This week we look at Sunday's pay-per-view, Backlash."

JM: "Or as Lena Yada would say: Backrash."

"I'd first like to say it's very considerate of Edge to include Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder on his new t-shirt." (picture of Edge's shirt with two girls on it comes up)